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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Assurance of Faith

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The Assurance of Faith

God wants us to have perfect assurance in our hearts that we are indeed His children. He never wants us to be in doubt about that fact.

Satan will try his best to keep us in doubt. But we need never be in doubt, for God has given us many promises in His Word to assure us.

Just look at these promises: Jesus said, "The one who comes to me I will certainly not cast out ......Truly, truly I say to you, the one who believes has eternal life" (John 6: 37,47).

"As many as received Him (the Lord Jesus Christ), to them He gave the right to become children of God" (John 1:12).

The Lord says, "I will be merciful to their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more" (Heb. 8:12).

To put our faith in God's promises can be likened to our putting our feet on a strong bridge while crossing a river. If the bridge is strong, it doesn't matter even if our feet are weak. What is strong faith then? It is trusting in a strong God and in His promises.

Our feelings are often very deceptive. We should never trust them. There's a parable of three men called Fact, Faith and Feeling who were walking one behind the other on a narrow wall. Fact walked in front and Faith walked behind him and Feeling came along at the rear. As long as Faith kept his eyes on Fact in front of him, everything went smoothly. Feeling followed behind him perfectly. But as soon as Faith turned around to see how Feeling was coming along, he tumbled and fell to his death; and Feeling fell to his death too. Fact, however kept walking along the wall undisturbed!

The lesson in the parable is obvious. God's Word consists of unchangeable facts. If our faith looks steadfastly at God's Word alone, there is no danger of our ever falling; and feelings will follow in due course. But if we begin to look at our feelings, then we can easily tumble and fall into discouragement and condemnation.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Godly Woman Daily Calendar - April 2015 - Printable Version

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Verse of the Month : Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
- Psalm 23:4
(to download printable version,  right click on the calendar and choose option [ save image as...] (or ) to view just click on the calendar. thanks . May God Bless You.)

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Marriage Duties of the Christian Husband and Wife

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Many of you reading this may not know that God designed marriage to work according to the way he created the man and the woman. Each gender has its own marital duties that when practiced appropriately make the marriage thrive. "The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband." (1 Corinthians 7:3)

What are the martial duties that scripture is talking about? 

Understand that in a Christ-built marriage the husband has responsibilities and the wife has responsibilities, lest the marriage would have no purpose and no direction. When both the husband and the wife are practicing their duties properly it keeps the relationship structured, organized, and spiritually blessed. Everyone is happy, no one is in need of anything, and no one is looking outside the bounds of the marriage for companionship.

"Wives submit to your husbands as to the Lord". (Ephesians 5:22) It is a wife's duty to submit to her husband. God created a hierarchy in marriage according to how he created men and women. Jesus Christ is head over the husband and husbands are head over the wife in just the same way that Christ is head over the church, his body, of which he is the Savior". (Ephesians 5:23) This does not mean that man is superior to the woman.

In God's eyes men and women are equal heirs of His kingdom, and that's all that matters! In society there is a push and shove mentality that the different sexes exhibit with each other from time to time, but it doesn't mean a thing! You can't take this life to heaven with you. Why work so hard proving something that you cannot take to heaven with you? In fact, you will not see heaven if you are so burdened in this life with things of the flesh. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:19-21)

God chose to make Eve out of Adams flesh and bones, which illustrates that in marriage man and woman symbolically become "one flesh". The goal in marriage should always be of "oneness" between husband and wife. Do you see "oneness" in marriage today? The wife is doing her own thing and the husband is doing his own thing. They each have their own jobs, their own money, their own friends, etc. Are we honoring God with our marriage, or satan? Where is the oneness? Why are we not procuring for ourselves spiritual treasures that we can take to heaven with us?

When a Christian wife rebels against her duty of marriage she is rebelling against God and His plan for her in the marriage, consequently the marriage will have difficulties, much like what we are seeing today. Reality is, if the husband does not fulfill his marital duty to his wife properly she will have a difficult time submitting to her husband. In fact this is where the attitude of feeling like a doormat has been brought into Christian culture.

Wrong attitudes grow like yeast does in bread dough. I would venture to say that ninety percent of the Christian culture has been deceived and they don't even know it. Women have been deceived into believing that being a wife and mother is not good enough and that she must go to college and have a good career and boss her husband around. After all, most women have been told they are equal to or above men and will not be treated like a doormat. Many of them have the "no man will tell me what to do" attitude!

More and more men are being emasculated by their wives. Consequently men are looking outside of America for suitable marriage spouses so they may find a good woman who will treat him like a man. I know of many such marriages and the wives are treated with love and almost anything their heart desires. Many American women are really missing out on the blessings that come with a healthy Godly marriage.

If one link in the marriage is weak, ultimately the marriage will have no leg to stand on. Why is it so important that wives honor and submit to their husbands in everything? It is because her husband, being the man that God created him to be has a built in natural instinct to be a protector, provider, and leader. All men have this ability, even those men who believe they were born without it. When a woman usurps her husband's headship she will be in constant suffering in her marriage because she is trying to row her boat against the nature of the current.

A man needs to be treated like a man for him to be able to properly carry out his God-given calling. It is wrong for any woman to try and undermine the natural instincts of her husband because of a messed up attitude that has evolved from a confused culture-it is not natural for a woman to behave like a man and it is not natural for a man to behave like a woman--it doesn't matter what century we are living in!

"Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her". (Ephesians 5:25) Husbands are commanded to love their wives-in the same way Christ loved and gave himself up for us. This is why it is so important to understand what real love is. Love is not s superficial feeling of lust and desires like so many think, but principled acts and behaviors that must be acted upon and sometimes sacrificed for.

A husband cannot love his wife properly if he does not put Jesus Christ above himself and utilize the power of the Holy Spirit within him. Now there is a wonderful treasure to store up for yourself in this life. When a husband loves his wife in the ways of the Lord, he is giving up his own life for that of his wife, to make sure her needs are met and taken care of, above his own. A husband must pray about this daily and ask Christ to help him love his wife because there will be days when he may not feel like being very loving.

A man who learns to love his wife in the ways of God will be blessed with much marital happiness. The results will be a wife who respects, honors and loves her husband. Let's stop all the fussing and fighting and lets start honoring God with our marriage. What one thing can you do today to help bring your marriage back to God? What spiritual treasures can you store up for yourselves in marriage?

Do you feel intimidated to submit to your husband's? Are you loving your wife in the Lord? If you want a gloriously blessed marriage, husbands must take back their God-given headship position and start honoring God with their marriage! This is what will fix Christian culture! Do you think you can make headship and submission work in your marriage? I do. By Angie Lewis -  Our new ebook will give you A FRESH Understanding of the traditional Roles of marriage. Article Source:

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Prayer - How to Pray?

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How to Pray?

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints. Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel. . . . — Ephesians 6:18-19

A Prayer for each Day:-

Monday: Pray for your Family - Take time to pray for each member of your family. This includes your own family, children, parents, grandparents, relatives, extended families. Give each member to the Lord. Pray that He draws them "ever one step close" wherever they are in their relationship with God. Be specific as you can as you pray that He will meet them at their point of need.

"God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure." - Ephesians 1:5

Tuesday: Pray for your Church Family - Take time to pray for the members in your church, for the elders, ministers as they minister the word of God. Pray for all the families and children in the church. Pray for the church around the world. Pray that each and everyone in the Lord will stay firm in the word of God till the end and will be blessed to enter the kingdom of God. Pray that Gospel will be preached around the world as the most important standard.

 "Now I would remind you, brothers, of the gospel I preached to you, which you received, in which you stand, and by which you are being saved, if you hold fast to the word I preached to you—unless you believed in vain.  For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. Then he appeared to more than five hundred brothers at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have fallen asleep. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles. Last of all, as to one untimely born, he appeared also to me. For I am the least of the apostles, unworthy to be called an apostle, because I persecuted the church of God. But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace toward me was not in vain. On the contrary, I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me. Whether then it was I or they, so we preach and so you believed." - 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

Wednesday: Pray for your Community - Take time to pray for those around you, the groups you are in and pray for their needs and God will meet them at their points. Pray for those in your workplaces, school, sports team, neighbors etc. Pray for those who have not received Christ as their Savior, pray they will find Him. 

"Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited." - Romans 12:16

"For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others." - Romans 12:4-5

Thursday: Pray for the Nation - Pray for those in authority. Pray they make wise decisions and God's will for that nation. 

"Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor." - 1 Peter 2:17

"Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God." - Romans 13:1

Friday: Pray for the World - Pray that God will use His people to help others "to know Christ and to make Him known."Pray for the persecuted church. Finally, pray for the advance of the Gospel everywhere. 

"And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." - Matthew 24:14

Saturday: Pray for the Homeless, needy, the less fortunate - Take time to pray for the physically and spiritually afflicted. Pray specifically for ministries that are reaching out to the helpless, hopeless, hurting and lost.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16

Sunday: Pray for Personal Guidance - Finally, take time to pray for your own personal needs. Walk with God through every aspect of your life — your personal, family, work, community, and church aspects of your life. Say, "Speak whatever to me, Lord, I'm listening!" 

"And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God." - Philippians 1:9-11

Indeed, prayer is the most important conversation of the day — with the Creator of the universe who is there, who cares, and who listens with an ear to respond both for His glory and for the good of people!

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