4 Types of Emotional Manipulators - A Must Read

Christian Relationship Help: Four Types of Emotional Manipulators - By Karla Downing 

This Christian relationship help will enable you to recognize the four types of emotional manipulators. When sin entered the human race through disobedience, relationships were affected because people became self-centered. Rather than being transparent, cooperative, and honest, people began to cover up and hide their motives and their intentions to get what they wanted. Emotional manipulators do this on a regular basis because they have become adept at being able to exploit the weaknesses of other people to get their way. Here are four types of emotional manipulators:

Intimidators. The intimidators use their power and position to threaten you into compliance. They do this through threats, anger, withholding, and punishment. They know how to exploit your doubts and weaknesses to get you to give in. When people use their power to get you to give in to their demands, they are using intimidation.

Dependents. These people project their helplessness onto you and make you feel responsible for them. When you try to hold them accountable for themselves, they make you feel guilty for expecting them to take care of themselves. They may try to make you feel sorry for them by reciting their bad luck, difficult circumstances, and a "woe is me" attitude. When you accept their incompetence and helplessness and let them get away with being irresponsible, you are being emotionally manipulated.

Pretenders. These people pretend not to understand what you are saying or to hear your concerns. They may accuse you of saying and doing things you aren't saying or doing. They are experts at changing the subject, turning things against you, and making you the bad guy. They will call you a nag for bringing things up about them; call you selfish for asking for what you want; and call you controlling for confronting them. They are experts at using manipulation to convince you that they don't get your concerns, and as a result, will never deal with them.

Projectors. The projectors accuse you of being emotionally manipulative and of having the characteristics that they have. An angry person will accuse you of being angry, an unfaithful person will accuse you of being unfaithful, a selfish person will accuse you of being selfish, a liar will accuse you of lying, an avoider will accuse you of avoiding, a controller will accuse you of being controlling, and a mean person will accuse you of being mean. When you find yourself being accused of something you aren't and recognize the person is actually that way instead, you are dealing with a projector.

This Christian relationship help will enable you to recognize these four types of emotional manipulators. By recognizing the manipulation, you will be empowered to resist  it.

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