Pray and Wait

Dear God, 
Sometimes its so hard to go one like this. This waiting has stretched to the maximum that i cannot hold on any longer. I am weary and tired. Please fill my cup again with your strength and Joy. Life has been tedious and burned out. Being patient has taken a toll on me and I am struggling yet I am working on it. Waiting for you to unfold that beautiful plan in my life and not to walk in my plans. Please prepare me to stand and face obstacles in your name. Bless me to be patient and to move on with you by my side. Let me keep going and not be tired. Help me Lord. I know you are hearing me out. I pour out my heart to you. I believe you have it all in control. I know you got my back. Allow me to cast all my burdens upon you and wait expectantly. Bless me to do this waiting, prayerfully and joyfully. Let me lean onto your everlasting arms and heed into your promises. Lead me in your righteous path. Thank you Lord for your love. Let your kingdom come down in me of righteousness, peace and joy. Thank you my dear Lord for your amazing love in my life. Let me continue to walk in your light and fill me with your wisdom to make the right decisions. When I am empty and lonely you came down and rescued my soul. Thank you Lord for removing all kinds of negatives and depressions out of my life! You have been a good, good Father to me. Allow me to wait in peace and joy as this stormy phase of my life pass on. Let your kingdom reign and let your will be done in my life. I leave it all in your hands and will wait in peace.  Thank you Lord. I love you so much. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.