Until He Was All That I Had - Billy Fields - Lyrics

The storm they were facing was fearful
Their ship seemed so small in the waves
And the wind just kept blowing harder
And yet they were still all so safe
From out of the dark He came walking
He had never lost them from view
He can see through the darkest of troubles
He just wanted them to see it too


That you'll never be filled till your emptied
Until your broken you'll never be whole
Until the potter has tried your vessel with fire
You'll never come forth as pure gold
I didn't know how much He loved me
Until I'd passed through the storm and looked back
I didn't know Jesus was all that I needed
Until He was all that I had

Sometimes the storm that your facing
May seem like your whole world has changed
And the fire just keeps getting hotter
As the Potter is shaping the clay
Friends Jesus knows what He's doing
Even though it causes you pain
He just wants us to know the lesson he showed
His disciples is still the same