Pray and be Patient

Dear God, 
I pray you bless me to be patient. Please teach me to be patient, with life, with people and with myself. Sometimes I rush things! I hurry too much, and I push for answers before the time is right. Please help me not to be in such a rush to get things done, when it needs time to grow. Bless me to be patient and wait for a true and blessed outcome in all matters. Teach me to trust your sense of timing rater than my own and to  surrender my will to your greater and wiser plan. I know, even with all the trials I am going through right now, I will get there when I am meant to get there and not one moment sooner or lesser. Help me to relax, to breath and to be wait with Joy! Please let your peace settle in me. I trust in your timings. I know you have great things in store for me. Bless me to trust that you are working every little details of my life out and that I have nothing to fear or worry about. I believe the best is yet to come. Thank you Lord for caring for me in such delicate manner.  I love you Lord. I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen. 

When I wait, you, O Lord, strengthen my heart - Psalm 27:14