Humble Confession and Repentance - Thursday's Dose - 5th July 2018

“Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” - (John 1:29).

Thoughts for Today

Perhaps you have struggled with a certain sin or temptation for a long time. Each time you yield to it, you find yourself crying out to God, asking for strength to overcome it. It could be a temptation to gossip, to deceive, or to misuse your power in order to exalt yourself.

Temptation leads to sin, and sin creates within our hearts and minds an emotional and mental wall between God and us. However, sin does not change God’s eternal love for us. But if we fail to make the necessary corrections needed to restore our fellowship with Him, then we will reap the consequences of our sin, which can include disappointment, stress, sorrow, defeat, and broken relationships.

In fact, in times of sin, the greatest loss is our fellowship with the Lord. Knowing that we have grieved God through our sinful actions should be enough to turn us back to Him in sincere repentance, but sometimes we stubbornly press on to sin again and again. Finally, when the circumstances of our lives are unbearable, we fall to our knees in desperation.

Though God does not promise to erase all the damage caused by our sin, He certainly promises to restore the joy of our salvation when we turn back to Him. When we practice humble confession and repentance, we can experience God’s mercy and grace. Through temptation, God allows us to confront the wickedness of our hearts. If we trust God, we can turn away from the sins that prevent us from living victorious lives.

Remember, God allows you to be tested so that you will be refined and readied for use in His Kingdom. Therefore, say no to temptation and sin and yes to the Lord your God.

Prayer: Our Loving Heavenly Father, forgive me for the times I have grieved You in my sin. Please forgive my sin. Thank You for Your forgiveness. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer. Gratefully, In Jesus Loving Name I Pray, Amen."

Have a Blessed Thursday and God Bless you.

Courtesy : Daily Dose Devotionals Team