Comfort a Broken Mama

Dear Godly Woman Readers: 

Please pray for this Broken Mama. If you have a comforting word, encouragement or a godly advise to reach out to this Mama, please share your thoughts. How would you handle this terrible situation?Thank you. God bless.

A broken Mama asks: 

Will you pray for me and my family? My ex husband and I divorced almost 7 years ago. My youngest daughter was only 4 months old. He decided he was gay and had been having affairs with men for 8 years without me knowing. He has molested 3 of my children and has now filled for full custody of them. My 2nd oldest daughter has chosen to stay with me and been allowed to because she is 14. The judge doesn't believe the others and I have now been accused of mental abuse because I am homeschooling and teaching the Bible and the bible teaches his lifestyle is wrong. I am only able to see my youngest daughter, 7, and my son,9, under supervised visitation in an agency where I am refrained from prostaltitzing including reading the bible to my children. My oldest, 16 and unsaved decided over a year ago to go live with him. The next court case is set for April 10 the. I have no lawyer because he quit because I have no more money.

Broken Mama.

Dear Broken Mama, 

"The Lord is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit." - Psalm 34:18
We will be keeping you and your family in prayers. 
We want to bless you and comfort you by saying a prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for this broken family. I know that we have had our faults, but we ask that none of our children will not be kept away from us and that hearts are softened, so, We can spend time with them.We pray that those that want to harm us are forgiven and that this spiritual battle against negative spirits are defeated in Jesus' name. I ask that our heart also prays every day of our lives and that our souls seeks your word, so that, We may always have the Holy Spirit in charge of our decisions, and We can continue to obtain love and wisdom. I pray for all those that are affected through our faults ,that they may be in peace and reconciled and let it be Your will as to what the future holds for us. I also want to thank you for waking us up today, for the air we breathe, for the food we have, for every thing we have been able to have because of your loving Glory. Father, thank You and I believe that what is asked in faith is what you desire. Thank You for all our blessings even when We are weak. Thank you for comforting us. We need you Lord. 

You are the ever knowing God. You see what's in our hearts, you hear what's in our mind even before we speak. You know every aspect of our life Lord. We ask you Lord Jesus to heal our families from the brokenness that we are experiencing now. I ask you Lord to heal the gap that is drifting my husband away from our family. I ask You Lord Jesus to touch him so he will realize the consequences of his actions. That he will realize our family's worth. 

God, good Lord, please heal my family. Bring us back together Lord, be in our midst and heal each one of us from the pain of being separated and away from each other. Bring back the love we once have. I ask you too Lord Jesus to heal my broken heart. Heal the seething pain in my heart brought about by my husbands negligence and disregard for me and my family. Lord God, I know i am not perfect, i have my mistakes and shortcomings. But you know, dear God, the sincerity of my heart. 

Please, good Lord, heal me from this pain. help me to accept things as You will want them to be. Help me to learn to forgive and endure all these pain I am feeling now, and strengthen my faith in you Lord that at the end of the day, You will take care of me and my family. Carry us Lord. We pray this in Jesus name. Amen.

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If You have a Bible verse or a word of encouragement to share with this Mama, please comment (below). She is reading your comments. Thank you. God bless.