Waitin' On a Miracle - Matthew West - The Story of the Song - Must Watch Video

Story: In the twenty thousand plus stories I have read over the past few years, I can see God at work in every single story. But I can also sense that he is at work in different stages in each life. There are some who have prayed for, and seen their miracle. Some who's illness has found a cure, who's prodigal child has returned home, who's marriage has been restored, who's finances have been replenished. But for every victory story writing from the other side of a trial and looking back, there are many, many more who find themselves smack dab in the middle of the fight of their lives. That's where James and his family find themselves right now. James wrote to me from Afghanistan. He is currently deployed there as he has accepted the call to serve our country and protect our freedom. But back home in Indiana, his wife and daughter is missing their husband/dad. He wrote of the heartache that fills most days as he counts the days until his return back home to the states and to the arms of his beloved family. He is longing to go home. His wife is longing to have her husband back safe and sound. His children are longing for their dad to come back.
This is a song for those who wait. Waiting for your miracle to happen, for your prayer to be answered, for your light at the end of the tunnel. This is a song for anyone who can relate to James and his family, on two different side of the world, longing, hoping, waiting for a miracle. God is a God of miracles. He renews, he restores, and he promises to hear us when we call out to him. So, don't stop praying. Don't lose heart. Don't doubt. In one way or another, your heavenly father will work a miracle in your life. He will answer your prayer. And in the meantime, he will give you the strength to take each next step, knowing each next step is one step closer to the miracle you long to see.

Lyrics: Im down to my last drop of faith
My last ounce of strength
My knees are worn
From waitin on a miracle
Ive prayed, God, Ive prayed
Ive stormed the gates in Jesus name
Crying out night and day
Just waitin on a miracle
But I dont know how much longer
I can hold out hope tonight
And I wish my will was stronger
But instead Im just a weary heart
Waitin on a miracle
Ive heard Your hand can calm a raging sea
But can You calm the storm in me
Cause thats how it feels
When youre waitin on a miracle
And my soul longs for the day
When I see the answer to the prayer Ive prayed
And itll all be worth the wait
Waitin on a miracle