THANKSGIVING SONG "Thank You" by Brianna Haynes (Official Music Video) - Thank you for All the blessings you've been handed

This original song written by Singer/Songwriter, Brianna Haynes and her brother Composer/Pianist, Austin Haynes is inspired by Thanksgiving and the wonderful family memories this time of year brings.


Orange and yellow autumn leaves
Falling from the colored trees
Outside of your thanksgiving feast
Family favorites in the air
A time to give, a time to share
The love you have is everywhere 
To love, to life, to hope, to dreams
To all whose thankful hearts you bring

Thank You for the air I breathe
Thank You for the love I need
Thank You for the joy inside of me
You give us hope, You plant the seed
You harvest every heart in need 
Thank You for the love you've given me

Special people by your side
Open fires and pumpkin pies
The years they catch you by surprise
The seasons joy is at your door
There's so much to be grateful for
So much you have and there is so much more
To faith to friends to joy to cheer
To celebrate another year


All the beauty on this planet
Every moment took for granted
Here's the chance to get it right 
All the blessings you've been handed
Every memory life makes candid
Here's to living here's to life


You hold me up when I can reach
You give me strength when I'm too weak
Thank You for the love you've given me
Thank You