Amazing Performance of " Jesus Take The Wheel " by 12 Year Old Kaitlyn Thomas - Story Behind the Song - Must Watch Video

The song tells the story of a young mother having difficulty in managing her life and taking care of her child, she is overwhelmed with the outcome of her life, and it seems as if everything that can go wrong for her will. On a late-night Christmas Eve she was driving home to visit her parents, on a snow-covered road on her way to Cincinnati, Ohio, she was low on gas as well as her faith. All she wanted to do was get home to see her Dad and Mom. Then, her car hits a patch of ice, causing the woman to lose control of her car and she realized as they were spinning on ice. She and her baby could easily die at that moment.She panics, takes her hands off the steering wheel and cried out " Jesus Take the Wheel ", she needed Jesus to help her get through this situation as well as her life. Immediately, the car stops spinning and safely stops on the shoulder. Once she realized they were safe and seeing that her baby has remained fast asleep in the rear seat, the woman decides to let "Jesus take the wheel" rest of her life.