Faith or Doubting - Choices and Consequences

Faith or Doubting - Choices and Consequences
 Steve Wickham

Pain endured now ensures good things to come,
For plying your faith is a good thing done,
Because faith is a thing tested, now beyond sight,
And only by faith will we retrieve the good Lord's might!
When we do the hard things of life in what could be considered a responsible way, we ply our faith - a 'good' faith; a faith that holds up under the rigors of truth and is consistent and abiding with the laws of this life.
Faith could well be the most important thing as far as life modus operandi is concerned.
Because we will all fall on hard times we need faith to get us through from that horrendous position A to the new B that God has already designed for us.
Such a faith as this is always geared most opposed to our comfortable default - we desire comfort when we should prefer resilience under pressure; we want joy when that's not possible in this new now; we entreat the value of a bygone day rather than look forward to a newer, brighter though less certain one.
Faith is about choosing past the doubting.
Faith is about noticing the loathing in life, but not going that way; not staying in that space. Faith moves on into and onto a higher place; a precipice of majesty for what might be, not what currently is.
Faith involves a risk, yet doubting brings home a certainty.
Faith risks for something better and, it, by its solemnity of intent, will not often be found wanting. Doubting, on the other hand, is easier, closer to our default way, and is never more certain - we have nothing good coming to us by our enacted doubts.
Faith is worth it - what's the worst that can happen by risking in faith? Embarrassment, disappointment, a loss of faith. No, all these are covered by true faith, for God makes faith ever more durable than the result of what we hope for. Faith always takes us on, into a place of newness and an enduring vitality runs with faith.
Doubting is an abyss of eternal wandering. It seems we're making progress but we never do. We keep coming back to the same place. We never venture far from the starting point with doubting. Doubting is time-waster and it takes us ever more spiraling into the chasms of frustration and fatigue.
Faith is always worth the risk. It delivers upon a promise and always produces a worthy result. Doubting retrieves nothing but frustration and fatigue. Faith seems the harder way, but in the end it's the only way to a hopeful life.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham. Steve Wickham is a Baptist Pastor who holds Degrees in Science, Divinity, and Counselling. Steve writes at: and Article Source: Article Source: