When Life Dances Lightly On Life

When Life Dances Lightly On Life -  Steve Wickham

"Let your life dance lightly on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf." ~Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)

Life provides much stimulus for busyness, concern, and discomfort, and rarely do we escape from the heaviness of life. It seems dark and twisted from within the scope of our minds, and our hearts are betwixt and between myriad stations of emotion.
We typically dance between modes of felt reality, where our mental, emotional, and spiritual faculties are tested in maintaining any semblance of consistent balance.
Life is a series, a constant stream, of tests.
When we acknowledge that reality and cater for it, we stand blessed for the application of wisdom of vision - to anticipate, to accept, to explore.
Within life, as we take it as it comes, we are still presented with possibly the greatest of all challenges: to dance lightly upon life.
Because time is the only tangible way of gauging life - a series of happenings; experiences known to us as real - we imagine it to be somehow a little too real sometimes.
Time can be harsh, just as time can be a real blessing.
We possibly need to soften the hands of time as they brush over the skin of our felt experience of life. And the image of a dew drop on the very tip of an innocuous leaf stands metaphorically as unopposed beauty.
As we take in this tremendously majestic image of a life beautifully poised, we begin to imagine the possibilities of dancing lightly upon life - despite the tumultuous challenges within the moment and ahead of us; notwithstanding those behind.
Dancing lightly upon life is a concept with unlimited potential. God never limits our experience of peace; only we do. We need such peace to enjoy an oft-stressful life.
God honours every movement we make toward peace, and such peace begins within, first as an effort to instil change, and then, finally, the commitment to sustain it.
Dancing lightly upon life must surely be what we are called to do, such that life is cherished, but not to the point of casting us headlong and uncertainly into fear.
The beauty of dancing lightly upon life is the internal interpretation: we make of it exactly what God gives us to work with; it is up to us how it translates within the colors  weave and texture of the fabric of our lives. Each is unique. And each knows, having earnestly spoken to God, what dancing lightly upon life might require.
It is a journey without destination; a never-ending process of taking life as peacefully as it comes.
May you go well, and be blessed, on this journey!
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