What is the True Meaning of Friendship - 7 Qualities That Exist in One

What is the True Meaning of Friendship - 7 Qualities That Exist in One -  By Matthew Robert Payne

There exist friends that are good for you and friends that are bad for you. Sorting out who is best for you is as simple and reading this list of qualities and seeing who exist.
1. They want what is best for the other
A good friend wants only your best. If you start to see success in what is your life's purpose and your dreams, a good friend is supportive and no jealous of you or envious. I have a good friend online on Facebook and she is never going to rise to the level of preaching as I am, yet she is happy just to be in my corner and encourage me. My friend is always encouraging me and giving me feedback on my articles and sermons I post online.
2. Show Sympathy
When you go through hard times a good friend is there to offer support and sympathy. They are not quick to tell you to get a grip on your emotions but they are willing to see your problem and show that they care about the fact that you are hurt. In the past few weeks I have been attacked online and called a false prophet and my friends have rallied around me, read and watched was what said and given me support.
3. Honesty
A person that is a good friend won't be lying to you. If you are asking for advice about something important they won't be saying something sounds good or looks good just to make you happy. Whether it is good news or bad news, a good friend will tell you the truth.
4. Don't Judge
A good friend will support you in all areas. They will know that you are human with human floors like any person. They will accept your short falls and they will not be judging you all the time like other people. A good friend loves you for who you are.
5. Offer Advice
A friend that is good for you will offer their advice from time to time in your life. As a friend they have the ability to see you closer and know your thoughts and desires and from time to time they can see a better way for you to do things. In these times they are able to offer you good advice and when they are a good friend most times its advice that makes a difference.
6. Support and Listen to You
There is such friends as fine weather friends. They are people that are with you when everything is going fine. But we all need friends that are still around when the chips are down. A good friend will help hold you up in hard times and support you in many ways. They are there to listen to you in good and tough times and will simply listen for a long time without feeling the need to control you or tell you their opinion. A good friend is rare but it is better to have a true friend like this than many friends that don't make the grade.
7. Sharing Themself.
A good friend will introduce you to their world. They will share you with their other friends and introduce you to their family. There is nothing that a goo friend will not do for you. You are their friend and there is nothing that they will hold back.
Be blessed
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