True Testimony of an Atheist

True Testimony of an Atheist by: Joy Hefley Alexander

Please read my son's testimony; he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior yesterday morning 04/15/2013 and last night this is what he posted;

So, as only some of you may know. I have been atheist for almost 10 years now. Well, today that has changed. I began my journey as an atheist in the worst kind of way. It wasn't because John Smith or Susie Q preached one thing and did the opposite. It wasn't because I saw Christians claim to be so and do non-Christian things. I truly felt in my heart that there was no god. God did not exist as far as I was concerned. If I ever claimed to have felt him before I went atheistic it was always comparable to feelings I had from watching a movie with a happy ending or because I felt that science could explain mostly everything. What science could not explain...didn't matter honestly. As far as I was concerned humans just weren't advanced enough to be able to explain how we got here. 

I was always catching flak from family about how I needed to turn my life over to Christ and that drove me even further away because I just didn't care to hear it but no one would leave me alone to figure it out on my own. So, one day about 5 years into my atheism I began to start questioning God. I did see the things going on in the world and it kind of concerned me. Still...I did not believe. Nor did I want to. As time went on I started thinking to myself. I know the Bible fairly well. Well enough to know that there was a special place in hell for people like myself. So, I would look up and say, "God, if you are there...give me a sign." I did this and felt for many years that I received no answer. I wasn't really listening. As I stated before I did not really want to believe so it was about useless. 

I believe God has always been with me, though. I say that because...I would often, as an atheist, play "Gods advocate". Of course...we all know that our Father in heaven needs no introductions and certainly does not need an "advocate". But, I say this because there are some real arrogant people out there who claim to be atheist but, wont step foot in a church or even utter Gods name. I hated that as an atheist. Gave me a bad name. Mainly because I felt that I was a true atheist and there were these imposters out there that would cry out to God if they were in danger. Believe me if you want to or not...I was not that kind of atheist. I could talk about God all day long and preferred to refer to stories in the Bible. Not as religious fact but as historical. And I know that I would never have cried out for Gods help if I was facing death. Frankly, I wanted to die! I was only existing for the sole purpose to not hurt my family or friends. Or to leave those who loved me behind. That was a complete failure, however. Because I felt no real reason to exist other than that. I still attempted suicide quite a few times and I believe I nearly succeeded in two of those occasions. At least two. I spent 3 days in a hospital for one. I was unconscious for those 2 or 3 days. So, it has been pretty serious. I had some real demons beckoning me and I didn't even know it. 

The demons tried me one last time. For four years I neglected my marriage and my family. So, my wife and I separated and for two weeks...even though I was strong...the demons still played on my thoughts and I almost tried to commit suicide again. Fortunately, by the time I got to where I was going I had calmed down and God had his hand in it I am sure. I did not go through with my plans. As I am here giving my testimony. 

It wasn't over yet, however. For the past few weeks I have been a...devout atheist if you will. Until today. I was on the phone with my mom and the conversation didn't start out like any normal conversation. We were talking about the World Trade Center and some of the conspiracy behind it. Then we went into talking about the Illuminati. Funny conversation to have with your mom, honestly. Well, the conversation went on and I asked my mom to look out for anything she could link to something I have been noticing for a long time. Well, she pointed out one thing about it and then as if something dawned on here...God moved in on the conversation. She said, "Have you ever thought that this may be the sign you have been looking for from God?" I didn't really reply. What was I supposed to say? I had never really talked to her about it. That's when I felt an overwhelming power of a planted seed. Planted over and over again. It took its toll on me when I realized the overwhelming feeling was nothing less than the hand of God being laid upon my heart. I looked over at a cross on the kitchen counter and on that cross was one word! It was Gods sign if you will. That word was "FAITH". Written in a beautiful font. 

Oh my, how the tears flowed. I got off of the phone with my mom and I went and knelt down before God. I humbled myself and began speaking AT God. Not quite to him...that's when I had remembered that my mom (that conversation was irrelevant) had said and it was something about looking in the mirror and facing myself. Not quite but something to that affect. God was moving in my heart. I went into the bathroom and I looked in the mirror. Of course the demons tried at me again to tell me that I was just emotional. But, they were absolutely no match for the power of Christ! They failed where they tried and I said to myself, "I need to pray!" I closed my eyes and I spoke directly to God from my heart. I asked Him to cleanse me of my sins and to come in to my heart. I then saw an image of me with my back facing me of course. I saw and felt Jesus standing there with his hand on my shoulder. That was the difference. I witnessed the awesome power of God and didn't even know to what extent.

Now, while all of this was going on my mom was on her way to come pick me up to run some errands with her. I didn't tell her at first but hinted at it. She asked and of course I made her figure it out. Well, it turns out that while I was receiving Christ she was at a gas station and had been told by God to speak to a Christian woman driving a van there while she was at the gas station. She stopped the woman and asked her if she was a Christian and of course the woman confirmed it. God had told Mom to ask that woman to pray for me. That woman prayed for me. A complete stranger that my mom had never met until that point prayed for her son! She prayed for me and didn't even know who I am. That is the awesome power of God for you. I would be a fool to ignore that! 

If you want to know what that prayer was my beautiful mothers name is Joy Hefley Alexander. She can tell you what exactly was prayed. But, the point is that I know the truth now and God has revealed himself to me. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. I now feel that I have a greater purpose and I am almost certain that my calling is to become a preacher. This is my testimony to any of you who do not believe. Christ is returning and if your heart is not right with him he will say to you when you appear before him on judgement day, "I never knew you; depart from me..." Mathew 7:21-23. And for those of you who hear the Lord utter those words will find your selves in Hell. 

I hope that this testimony will convince those of you who have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into your hearts that you will search your hearts and souls. The bible says that, "For God so love the world that He gave his one and only begotten son that who so ever believes in him shall NOT perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16 He died on that cross for your sins so that you can be with him in the kingdom of Heaven. I am not trying to convince you or scare you. This is real. God is real and He wants you to be in Heaven with Him. My goal here is to be a witness of the true and awesome power and grace of our lord and savior. I want you to search your heart and ask your self where you would rather spend eternity. Don't take my word for it. Look into it for yourself. GOD IS REAL AND HE WANTS YOU TO SPEND AN ETERNITY IN HEAVEN WITH HIM. If that's not enough for you then...I have done my part to show you the truth. Thank you for reading my testimony and please, search your heart and soul. He is calling upon you to receive Him into your heart. Knock, knock, knock.