The Keys To Meaningful And Fulfilling Christian Sex

The Keys To Meaningful And Fulfilling Christian Sex - by Dave Allen

The act of making love, this is what Christian sex is all about. Christian sex is more than just fulfilling the physical pleasures brought on by having sexual intercourse; it is about the intimacy, love and passion being shared by a man and woman bound by the sanctity of marriage.

To attain the true essence of sex for Christians, there are some rules and self-behaviors that need to be practiced by Christian couples. Exclusivity, mutuality and a strong emotional relationship with one another are three of the essentials that have to be maintained.

Achieving real pleasure when having sex with your partner is less likely if you are harboring guilt within you. It would be difficult to feel totally pleased if you know that you have betrayed your partner's trust by engaging in sex with someone else. For these reasons, exclusivity is a must for married couples. Without it, a couple's sex life will suffer which can potentially lead to marriage dysfunction.

Satisfying sexual intimacy is best achieved when both husband and wife are secure with one another. Having multiple partners only results in creating a rift between the husband and wife. It results in mistrust, performance anxiety and comparison evaluations. Today, problems regarding adultery and sexual betrayal are very common. It is in fact one of the top reasons given by married couples when they apply for divorce or annulment.

Mutuality is another important factor in Christian sex since men and women have significantly different views on sex. In most cases, men are the ones who desire for more frequent sex and sexual play while women long for a more emotional connection which can be attained by having intimate conversations and consistent love making techniques. These differences can lead to bedroom problems over sexual positions and frequency of having sex. This is where the importance of mutuality comes in. Christian couples must be able to practice showing mutual respect for each other. For the sake of intimacy, each partner has to make small sacrifices to have mutually agreeable sexual practices. For example, a Christian husband may need to give up some of his sexual fantasies and demands in order to show consideration for his wife. These kinds of sexual restraints may not be easy at first but if successfully done, they help in building sexual intimacy.

Having a strong emotional bond bears a lot of significance in Christian sex. A strong relational component is very much needed to create a strong sexual intimacy for Christian couples. The pleasures of Christian sex are easily achieved with little effort when both the husband and wife feel strong emotional attachments. This factor really makes sex for Christians an act of true love and not a worldly pleasure.

Practicing these can help a lot in improving sex for Christians. Not only do they fix the sexual problems that are usually encountered by couples, they also help in strengthening the marriage. But of course, nothing beats the four-letter-word which is key to all happiness, LOVE. If love rests strongly in the relationship, surely there will be fewer worries to face ahead.

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