Thankful for the Love - In Heart, Mind, and Soul

 Thankful for the Love - In Heart, Mind, and Soul - By Steve Wickham

Oh what a way for each day to start!
When envy and boasting have been dismissed,
I know by God that my heart's been kissed.
I'm thankful for the love infused in my mind,
Fantastically able to endure the grind,
When love causes me to own and repent,
I know that God's grace will never relent.
I'm thankful for the love infused in my soul,
A wondrous thought - it's my divine role,
When I commit to be open it surely will occur,
Feelings for God - this love will stir.
What is it about God's love that so rules the heart, mind, and soul?
To have allowed the Lord of Glory access into our lives, by virtue of our spiritual openness to even begin to understand the complexities of life and eternity, we have been graced by such a magnificent and never-more-worthy a thing as love.
Love, truthfully said, invades the heart, mind, and soul.
At our degrees of openness - to allow God in, access-all-areas within us - we have been ensconced to a thing that takes complete control in apportionment to our ongoing willingness to be party to God's agenda.
This is a superlative thought; a concept so wonderful.
Love comes in and fixes all sorts of things - propensities for pride, envy, greed, anger; all the seven deadly sins in one life, possibly - all in accord with our youthful submission.
Love has the power to fix us. Of course, we still have the wrangling sinful nature.
But love makes it possible to transcend the selfish self, and God will give us conscious control - to determine the moment whether we surrender or not - whether we go the easy way of love or the hard way of many varieties of fear.
This is one thing we can do to nurture this love in our hearts, minds, and souls.
When we commence each day in a mood of thankfulness for the love in our hearts, minds, and souls, we agree that God is good. Some days this is natural. Other days we really don't feel like. But God can restore us to love in many ways. The faith to pray in thankfulness will get us over the line.
Perhaps the wisest commitment of all is to commence each day in the way we wish the rest of our days to go - to start in thankfulness for love that resides deep within us through the Holy Spirit.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham. Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, FSIA, RSP[Australia]) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). Steve writes at: Article Source: Source:

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