Speaking The Truth In Love - 8 Tips To Overcome Difficulty In Expressing Your Thoughts

Speaking The Truth In Love - 8 Tips To Overcome Difficulty In Expressing Your Thoughts - By Karla Downing 

Do you struggle with speaking the truth in love in your relationships? If you answered yes, this biblical truth and tip will help you. Some people are not naturally verbal and have difficulty expressing their thoughts, especially in emotionally volatile and unpleasant circumstances. When they are dealing with people who are verbal, persuasive, intense, angry, controlling, or pushy, they tend to "freeze" and are unable to communicate, because they cannot compete.

If you have difficulty expressing your thoughts with or without pressure, here are 8 tips you can use to communicate your truth:

Write down the main points you want to say.
When confronted by someone, say you need time to think about your responses and want to come back to the subject later. Make sure you do bring it up again.

Consider using emails, letters, cards, script, texts, or even a journal.
Write down every word you want to say and read it, if you need to.
Practice your conversation with someone else who pretends to be the person you want to speak to.

Learn about communication styles and identify your style and the styles of the people you typically deal with.

When things are not heated, talk to the people close to you about how you can improve communication and make a plan for further discussions.

Read a book or take a class on assertiveness training.It is good to think about what you want to say. Proverbs 15:28 says, "The heart of the righteous weigh its answers, but the mouth of the wicked gushes evil" (NIV). However, you need to find some way to eventually speak your truth. You cannot allow your truth to be stifled by an inability to express it, instead, use these tips to overcome difficulties in expressing your thoughts so you can speak the truth in love with conviction.

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