Never Doubting the Path Leads Somewhere

Never Doubting the Path Leads Somewhere -  Steve Wickham

Being troubled is a common human state. And doubting the path we are on, or at least the path we have found ourselves on, is so natural and normal. We really do not trust God as much as we are told we should. Then finally the truth bares itself: we are eventually led to a good place as we continually repel the desire to turn back because of our doubting.
Our thinking is a forwards-backwards land of operations in the cognitive realm.
Doubting becomes us, and generally at the least helpful at times. But doubting has a role in testing the tenacity of our willingness to go on; to continue on the path we feel we must choose to follow. Perhaps God inflects our doubting in such a way as to force us to reconsider our underpinning motives.
Doubting is reason enough to review what we are about. Are we serious?
In this way, we can see the valuable role that doubting plays. It's as if God was saying, "Are you really serious about this, and, if so, how serious are you?"
There is almost a sense of compulsion that should lead us to recommit to the journey God has placed us on. On this very track that is our destiny, God gives us ample opportunity to choose for it or not. It's our life and God wants us to own it. God gives us plenty of opportunity to choose for it, to plan past regret, and to right the wrongs we make of it. Glory to God that we are given millions of opportunities to turn back.
The truth is the path leads somewhere; not just anywhere, but somewhere.
And faith it is that leads us to that place.
Like the launch of a space shuttle - a series of projects and operations so intricately planned - we are on the countdown of our lives. When we see life as a journey toward a destination - to reach somewhere - we have purpose about us and the intention is focused. As the engines propelling us on our way rev up, they push us through the doubting, as if doubting were a sound barrier, as we continually monitor the status of our ship on every step of the journey.
Life is a journey and we gather purpose by the intention to travel.
There is no purpose in not travelling. But when we are committed to travelling, even on the bumpiest of rides, when doubting is stricken with threat, we have enough intention to blast through the doubting.
We are on the very journeys of our lives. We ought to never doubt our lives are leading somewhere good. As we push past our doubting in faith we go on in our journey toward the blessing that God has destined for us. God bids us: "Keep going!"
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