Letter of Love to Jesus

Letter of Love to Jesus -  Steve Wickham

Here's a prayer assisting us to honest reflection:
Lord, you know my words and sentiment before they are even written, but I am thankful that you make me aware of my need to write to you this way. You designed prayer like this, such that in connecting with you I would be connecting with myself.
I adore you, Lord, but not like I adore a rockstar, a sporting hero, or even my wife or my children. There are limits to worthiness due certain forms of adoration, but, as far as adoration is concerned, you alone are perfectly worthy.
You deserve every conceivable accolade, all the power, glory, wealth, honour, and blessing - you alone. From the heights of Everest to the depths of the Mariana Trench, and as the hands of time span outward, reaching to eternity, you still have no limit. You are incomprehensible.
You saved me. You saved me from lies. You saved me from the weight of my sin. You saved me from myself, and now, because I live in you, I have timely release from myself - to be with you; in you.
I confess that I am often not at my best; that I lose my way; that there are not many thoroughly good ways in me. And there is so much more to confess, yet I hardly prioritise it enough. Still, your Spirit convicts me. I cannot get away with anything, and this brings me gladness. You care so much, in the sincerity of your love; you insist on your servant living for you. It is my honour to do this; to love you; to serve you; to give over my life to you. Without you I would be nothing. With you I am everything to you; so gladdened in heart I am of that truth.
I thank you for your revelation; that you have made for me a bed to rest in with your Spirit; that you consider me worthy enough to know you. Your glory is greater than my mind can conceive, and that you would want to know me - little old me - is bewildering and blissful at the same time. Thank you for your faithfulness during these past few years where I have been so thoroughly pushed and tested. It is now, mostly now, I see your faithfulness, when you carried me.
I ask you, O Lord, to continue to flourish through my life and bless my situations of obedience, whilst continuing to rebuke me gently yet firmly for the things I still must learn.
Finally, I beseech you, O Lord, to continue to work through me and transform me into the likeness of you. Make me more like you, day by day. AMEN.
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