Ladies - Know Some Basics of Your Man Before You Say 'Yes I Do'

Ladies - Know Some Basics of Your Man Before You Say 'Yes I Do' - Mugendi Elizaphan

Ladies! Before you say 'yes I do' to that man, please get to know some basic details about him. Before I became a Christian, I listened to a song that I really do not know the artist. The words of this song - if my memory is good - goes like ' I don't care who you are, where you are from, what you do... as long as you love me...' it is unfortunate that many ladies have been guided by such 'I do not care' attitude. It is good to feel love and to feel loved but remember feelings come and go. What you need beyond feeling is knowledge. There is the saying 'knowledge is power' which I strongly subscribe to.
Some of the critical areas to focus on are like, past relationships - has he ever been married? To who? And what happened. How was he brought up? - Under one parent or both? What is his faith, convictions and passions in life? - are they compatible with yours? Does he suffer from any serious ailment? Is he committed to marriage for life or just for a period of time?Do not make a decision to marry any man only on the basis of what you feel about him. The best decisions in life are those made on the basis of some sufficient knowledge related to an issue, product or person. When you have some basic facts and truths about a man's life, then you can be sure to cope and live with him under any unexpected circumstances. Get me right. Every man has some negative past and present and by marrying, he will not turn into an angel.
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