Is Sex Sin?

Is Sex Sin? 
Bible Based Wisdom On How To Honor God In Respect To Sexual Desire - Your Sexuality 
 Greg DeHart

Is It Sin To Have Sexual Desires, What Do I Do With Them, and Can I Honor God With Them?

Is sex sin? Within myself there arises sexual desires, are these sin? There are times when I have heightened awareness of my own sexuality, and have desire to experience the natural summation of these desires, is this sin? No, No, and No is the answer to these questions. Sex, nor sexual desire, nor the deep set realization that you are a sexually oriented being and wish to have expression of that sexuality, none of these are sin in and of themselves. In fact, I say to you that sex is great, even as He is great who created us as sexual beings. Know this, our sexuality is a reflection of the Creator Himself, and the supreme object of His love, that is, the Church Although God is a spirit, He created all living creators with a sexual nature, and that nature is reflective of both His person and purpose. Mankind, who is the highest of all created beings was, and still is, expressly formed after His image, and is expressly sexually orientated in a manner that is a picture of God Himself.

You May Ask, How Is God Sexual?

God is a spirit, and not a physical being. Therefore it is obvious that He does not possess a body and does not experience sex as do physical beings. However, the Bible teaches that the intimacy of the sexual union is a picture of the relationship of the Lord and those that have been saved. Christ relates to true Christians as the husband of their spirits. Jesus is the husband of the spirit of all who believe. 

The word of God is sown into the heart of man like unto how a man's seed is sown into the body of his wife. The heart of a Believer receives the word of God (His seed) into their hearts, and this is the picture of the woman receiving the seed of her husband into her body. Please know that all the dynamics of the marriage relationship, of which the marriage bed is central, are all picturesque of the relationship of Christ and the Church, or the individual Believer. This is a great and beautiful mystery, which can only be perceived as the Holy One opens the heart and mind of an individual. It is expressly spoken of in the Bible in the book of Ephesian, chapter 5: 22-33, and indirectly in many other places.

Does That Mean That This Sexually Buzzed Generation That Buys, Sells, and Flaunts Sex Everywhere Is Pleasing To God?

No, not for one moment's time, and the reason is that sex is beautiful when expressed within the boundaries of God's laws. Out side of the boundaries of God's law it will every time, and that without exception work out as a negative in the life of the one who uses it errantly. A car goes wonderfully down the street, and if driven within the guidelines of its intended purpose it can, and likely will go many thousands of safe and dependable miles, thus bringing satisfaction and profit to its owner and/or operator. You and I are the like the car. We were created as sexually oriented beings, but there have been from the beginning parameters set around us in regards to our sexuality. These parameters are God's laws. Yahweh has laws pertaining to marriage. Sex outside of marriage is always sin. Sex is only to be expressed between a man and a woman who have entered into the marriage covenant, and this before God, and human witnesses. Thus become a husband and a wife. Just like the motor vehicle works longest and best when operated within the parameters of its designed purposes, and the civil authority's regulations. In like manner, those that are wise of heart to seek and implement God's directives to the (and I should add, all areas) sexuality of their life can and will experience the fuller glory and joy that the Almighty meant to be a part of the "package" of sex.

So What About Desire? It Seems That Sexual Desire Is Never Far From Me?

Desire, which in all honesty is step number one in respect to the summation of the sexual union, is not in and of itself evil. How the desire is handled, or rather what is done with the desire determines whether it is sin or not. The bottom line is: Do you rule the desire, or does the desire rule you? The Almighty created man to rule over every aspect of his life. He did not create man to be ruled by anything other than Himself. So, what you do with desire is the key to whether you please God with it, or not.

How To Handle Sexual Desire 101--Bottom Line Advise!

You will never, and can not possibly ever handle (manage) sexual desire in a way that entirely please God unless you are filled with the Holy Spirit. In that our father Adam (the first man Adam) introduced the whole human race into sin we are now all subject to having a nature that is orientated toward sin. Therefore, its inclination is always to follow the way of carnality, which is the way of life contrary to God's commandments. The only way this can be overcome is to walk in the Spirit. It is to come to Jesus and be born again, and after that to daily, and even moment by moment walk in the dictations of the Holy Spirit who dwells within the Christian. The Holy Spirit does not take sexual desire away, but He will instruct one how to put it into proper perspective, and to express their sexuality in conformity with the laws and purposes of God. So what people in the world use to the Lord's dishonor, you as a Christian use to the Lord's honor.

How To Advise On Finding Direction and Power To Honor God With Your Sexuality?

Arm yourself with God's word. If His word does not dwell in your richly, if it is not the highest treasure of your life, if it is not found in your heart and on your lips continually, then you will not possess what it takes to walk above sexual sin.

Learn to in every situation to continually pray to God for aide, wisdom, direction, and simply surrendering yourself into His hands. Know that He is with you. Know that He is at work in you, and in your life. Know that He wishes very good thing for you, in its time, and in its place. Know that it is His pleasure to give you good things. Do not try to do life alone. Call to Him continually. Even minute by minute as you may need to. 

Learn to meditate on God's word. This is a part of loving His word. God's word can only be apart of you if you allow it to take deep root in you, and this is possible only when you meditate on it. By meditate, I mean to think on it continually, acting it out in your mind and heart. Then you will act it out in real life.

Find your fellowship with others that purpose to please God in all things. Avoid the close company of those that do not revere His commandments. For it is a basic reality that you will take unto you the manners and dispositions of those that you hang with. As it is said, "birds of a feather, flock together".

In conclusion: Sex is not sin, but rather used correctly it is an extremely powerful and beautiful thing. It was created by the Supreme One, and if used correctly it will introduce blessing after blessing into the life of the ones who correctly implement it. But if used incorrectly it will bring offense after offense, not only before God, but among men. Study and cry out to God for revelation as to how your sexuality is reflective of Himself and His love and relationship to the Church, or individual Believer. 

This understanding will liberate and grant direction, purpose and power to your life in regards to sex and other issues. Remember, if you are not acting according to God's commandments in regards to sex, or any other issue, then you are not walking in the Spirit, and you will not realize His full pleasure, nor your full reward, but rather you will sooner or later realize God's judgment. Get it straight. God is far to big for you to fight with. He will win every time, so in that He is good, submit to Him and live. Amen


AWatchman, Gregory A DeHart
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