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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Tried Christianity - But It Failed

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I Tried Christianity - But It Failed

Yes, I'm back on this subject again, of Christianity being a failure, because it's affecting a whole lot of people out there - and you might be one of them. And as it is such a vital subject, there's more to be said about it.
So, let's look at a few other issues. The first has to do with what you think Christianity is about and what you thought it was going to do for you. A lot of people, for all sorts of reasons - some very understandable, have finished up with shattered dreams. Many were given false expectations in a sort of 'easy-believism' - sign a card, say a prayer, and you're saved for all eternity. Yes, this is a big one, because you along with many people might have 'made a commitment' at an evangelistic meeting and been counselled, and you got the idea you had a free pass to heaven.
It may not be what you thought it was!
So, let's try and clarify a few things. For a start, it may help to know what something is NOT! So, Christianity is not a matter of something working like a new car, or a health remedy, and it's not joining, say, a well-known church with lively services, a dynamic pastor and a positive weekly program - as good as these things may be. But it is about the Lord Jesus Christ, and how he has accomplished the most wonderful work that ever could have been done - a great rescue! And that He is the centre, the loving Son of God, who has become the Redeemer and Saviour.
Now is the time to press into the kingdom of God. Today is the day of salvation - this is the time of God's overflowing favour. Now is the time to ask God to open spiritually blind eyes, deaf ears, and to raise the spiritually dead by hearing the voice of the Son of God. That's what happens when you hear the gospel and receive it not as the word of men but as it actually is - the word of God.
Not what you have to offer!
The big problem with saying a prayer or going forward is that many people thought that by doing this they would become born again. Compared with this, the New Testament shows that we must be deeply moved and convicted by the Holy Spirit to repent of our sin. So, if you have never asked God to do this, ask him to give you life from above and open your eyes. We need to come to the end of our own ourselves and see we are lost, under God's judgement, in urgent need of his forgiveness.
Ask and you will receive. Come empty handed. All your good works, your personal kindness to others are fine, but if we could get right with God and be saved by our good deeds, the Son of God need not have suffered on the cross. As it is, the death of Christ shows us that he has done for others, what they justly deserved. He has taken the place of rebel sinners and endured their just condemnation for them. What mercy and what grace!
Forget feeling a victim!
One of the things you may have to deal with is how psychological counselling and the whole revolution that has come with it, may have given you a new way of understanding yourself and your problems. If this is now the way you see yourself, you may well have to take a long hard look at yourself in the light of what God's word says, because so much of today's psychology is humanistic, through and through.
And a lot of people now think they are victims of their circumstance. Responsibility for our own lives and personal failure in the sight of God has gone out the window. Now, we need to get it back again. Humanistic worldviews won't deal with sin and moral failure in God's sight, or the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ. And trying to mix secular counselling with biblical Christianity is hopelessly confusing - they are completely incompatible.
The risen Lord Jesus is himself the answer. All the fullness of God dwells in him. An inexhaustible supply of mercy and grace is offered to all who will come. The veil has been rent, the way opened to the presence of God. Turn to the Saviour while you may - he never turns any away. None are too bad or too hopeless for the Friend of sinners! So, don't merely try Christianity - instead trust in the Lord with all your heart, and live life his way and in fellowship with him. Through all of the trials and difficulties, he will never fail or abandon his much-loved children.
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