Honesty is the Best Policy

Thoughts by Godly Woman Daily

Be Honest. We can encourage fellow-believers often by an honest admission to them of our own humanness and our struggles. We are called to be witnesses of Christ. But in our testimony, we give a false impression, about ourselves. You see, the vast majority of believers, fall in this category. We all give a glorious account of our triumphs and victories of what God did for us BUT NEVER say a word about our struggles and failures. We testify about all the prayers God has answered us BUT NEVER mentions about the prayers in which God's answers were a firm, 'No.' We describe our mountain-top experiences in detail BUT NEVER so much mentions a word about the deep long valleys that lay between. These are false witnesses, for they give a very unrealistic picture of the Christian life. True Christian fellowship involves when each members encourage each other honestly, this helps them to bond their relationship of brotherhood and sisterhood in the church and these bonds of fellowship are sweetened and strengthened by the love of God. Its better to be, the True YOU from the beginning rather than testifying about a False You. False testimony won't bring any glory to God. Therefore, with this being said, I want to conclude that lets just be Honest or just be quiet about it and only speak when God puts it in your heart. In this way, you will be able to encourage someone in the perfect time and this will please God and He will be glorified at the same time. God Bless.   
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