Happiness Vs Joy

Happiness Vs Joy - Lisa U Maki

In a recent interview of Kirk Cameron by Pierce Morgan, Pierce asked Kirk about his views on homosexuality. Kirk, being a firm believer of Jesus Christ and the Word of God, pointed to what God says in His Word. Pierce, obviously not accepting what Kirk was saying asked, "If your son comes to you and tells you that he is gay, what will you say"? Again, Kirk responded as a true believer by saying in effect that he will point his son to the truth. Pierce then said something to this effect, "If my son tells me that he is gay I am going to tell him...for as long as you are happy". Now that really threw me off and inspired me to write this article.
If there is a statement that I normally hear from people, it is: "I just want to be happy" or "I've never been this happy". It seems like people are in constant search of happiness. Yet, when they find it, they reach a point of unhappiness again. It is a never ending roller coaster ride of "I am happy" and then "I just want to be happy".
What does it really take to make a person happy? I believe that people don't even have a clue as to what they want, let alone what will make them happy. Some unmarried people feel that having a spouse will make them happy, while some married people feel that not having a spouse will make them happy. There are those who feel that having a nice car will make them happy. And then when they finally have it, they want something better than that. It is a never ending desire for something or someone that will make them happy.
Happiness, then, is based on what a person feels. She may feel happy today and unhappy tomorrow. She may think that this person truly makes her happy because she feels good when she is with him, but when the "feeling good" wears out, then the happiness is also gone. Happiness, then, can be as fickle as people's emotions. It follows what people feel. When a person feels good, then she feels happy. This being the case shows that happiness is subjective.
If happiness is dictated by our emotions, and if it is subjective, where do we now draw the line between good and bad when it comes to happiness? If a pedophile says that children make him happy, then for him there is nothing wrong with what he is doing because it makes him feel good about it. From our point of view, it is totally wrong and sinful, but from his point of view, it is not. It is unnatural and therefore we know that it is wrong. It is against the law and therefore it is wrong. My question is, if the laws of the land is our standard for what is right and wrong, then how much more should God's laws be regarded?
Unfortunately, people have disregarded God's laws to give way to what they feel makes them happy. A married woman meets another man and decides to divorce her husband, just because she feels happy with this other man. I've seen this happen to someone close to me and when she was basking in her new found happiness, she couldn't even see anymore the effects it was going to cost her children. We can truly get blinded by our emotions. And if there is no high standard for us to follow, then our so-called happiness can lead us to destruction.
There is no happiness outside of God's perfect plan. Jeremiah 29:11 says...
For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.
God alone knows what is best for us. His laws were given to us for a reason, and that is for us to live joyful and peaceful lives. This brings me to my next point, the big difference between happiness and joy.
While happiness is dictated by how we feel, and therefore temporal, joy is a state of heart and mind that remains regardless of the circumstances. While happiness is only scratching the surface, joy is deep and profound. While happiness is superficial, joy is real. While happiness is no respecter of God and what is moral, joy is founded on the truth, which is God and His Word.
Joy is what Jesus came to give us.
If you are seeking for happiness, remember that the happiness you are looking for right now can be gone in an instant when things get bad. On the contrary, if joy is what you have, then you can be in the worst situation and still have that joy. Why? Because the source of that joy is God, and God is the most stable "being" ever.
I would have said to Pierce Morgan, "If my son comes to me telling me that he is gay, I will tell him: Son, that happiness is as fickle as your emotions. I want you to have joy. And you can only have that joy if you live in accordance to what God says in His Word".
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