Grace Through Tragedy and Despair

Grace Through Tragedy and Despair
 Steve Wickham

There are some realities that are beyond reconciliation, notwithstanding the strongest faith in God. It is clear in some people's lives, those problems without explanation, because it is a mystery beyond human understanding, that tragedies and despairing come as a dark cloud raining hopelessness and helplessness with no room for peace.
In such circumstances there is no appropriate room for cliché and platitudes - albeit the caring of hearts. Sometimes it is our own pain we wish to quell in the sight of another's - their pain hearkens us to the unconscious pain deep within us that seeks to be heard.
What we need most of all through tragedy and despair is the grace of God, relationally, through understanding, patience, and especially uncommon kindness.
Pretty quickly upon dealing with situations so complex do we come upon the recognition; this, and so many things, is beyond us. We feel useless. No matter how close we are to situations, some we can do nothing about, but simply look on.
But there is hope in looking on when feeling useless.
There are so many people who have stared with forlorn resignation and sighing at a family member or dear friend they cannot help, but for the grace of God to love them in the most accepting of ways.
But the grace of God is enough as we disburse it without limit. Grace is always enough. Now, with grace we need to continually remind ourselves some things will always remain a mystery; that's precisely why we need grace. Surrender.
For that gap in our understanding, a gap that seems cavernous like the Grand Canyon, grace was made; a thing of God that leads us to acceptance of the things we cannot understand, impact or change.
The privilege of feeling useless - if I could be so crass - is that we come to the end of ourselves; for, the things of God are far beyond the things of humanity. Some things we will never understand and maturity has us simply accepting them and abiding by grace; redeeming grace, so to speak.
When we have learned this secret power of grace, that is the answer to many mysteries and enigmas and oddities - an answer without being an answer - we have access to a strength we cannot explain, but is all the more powerful in our lives.
Situations of tragedy and despair confound us, because we're quickly out of our depth. Looking on and feeling useless isn't helped by words or anything really, other than accessing the grace of God which somehow helps. Grace assists us in grappling with things that would otherwise cripple us. Pray for it today; God gives generously.
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