Embracing the Privileged Life

Embracing the Privileged Life -  Steve Wickham

Rarely do we awaken bristling with the well-being we ought to encase. There are too many distractions. Too many cares. For the number of active disruptions to happiness there are amply copious underlying disturbances.
Our minds are busied.
And a special truth is passed over.
We have privileged lives, to the fact we even exist. This is well besides the desire to consume - to take 'our share' of life. (Oh, yes, we're pretty skilled at that.)
Talk to an infertility doctor sometime about the miracle of life. The obstetrician knows. So does the traffic policeman, the paramedic and the ER nurse. Their nightmares, the voices and faces in the night, bear witness.
Notions of Christmas, vacations, rest, achievement and family (really, the list is endless) confirm for us the reality of unpredictability. Life really is like a box of chocolates. Thanks for that, Forrest Gump.
This is important by nothing less than life is truth; always harder or softer than we expect. Surprises make us cognisant we're alive. They remind us of our sense for things. However painful or blissful life is it's us who lives it.
We have our part in history. How amazing is that?
We exist!
Think about that for one moment. At some point in the future we will cease to exist as many we have known. Some, who are in pain, truly yearn for that day, but the vast majority of us cannot contemplate death. The contemplation of death brings us to the precipice of the importance of life! Our lives truly are important.
By the interaction we have with others, and the impact we have on their lives, including the impact they have on ours, we have something magnificently significant.
What a privilege it is to know another person; someone uniquely like us, but, just the same, someone uniquely unlike us. We may be made in the image of God, but how many different molds does God have? His design of one human being is unbelievably unique. And such uniqueness ought to be celebrated for the privilege it is in knowing this absolutely matchless life.
Embracing the privileged life is taking the life we've been given and living it to the full. Each of us has the same opportunity; the same challenge; the same expectations; the same hopes. (Give or take.) The best of life is received in viewing life as a privilege to experience. If we so believe, the best is yet to come.
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