Don't You Want to Be a Hannah, Too?

Don't You Want to Be a Hannah, Too? - by Kim Newsome

In reading I Samuel again recently, it spoke to me in a new way (as the Word sometimes does that to us). The first two chapters of I Samuel tell the story of Hannah, wife of Elkanah, who wanted to bear a child, but the Bible says that the Lord had 'shut up her womb'.
Yes, we know that Hannah loved God--enough to cry out to Him in her despair, in her need, in her want--she had such a desire to give birth to a son. She didn't just want a child--at that time in her life she wanted a boy! And God had already birthed in her the plan that HE had. The plan was for her to give that son back to the Lord for His service. She didn't even hesitate at the thought of giving the child to God. And when the time came to do just that, again she didn't hesitate to be obedient. There was a plan and she wanted to be a part of it. My guess is that she didn't even ask God or wonder what would be 'in it' for her! She simply had a desire to receive a son from the Lord and she would honor the Lord and give him back to Him for His service. Even in naming him Samuel (meaning 'I asked God for him') she proclaimed to the world that her child was an answered prayer.
Now Hannah was able to "enjoy" this blessing for a few years, maybe until Samuel was 3-5 years of age. I would imagine she kept him close to her heart and held him often, not just when she was nursing him. She knew that one day he would be gone from her arms, much earlier than most children stop crawling up in their parents' arms for love and attention. So I'm sure she treasured every moment of every day with him knowing it was just a season in her life that God had ordained for her.
This is a true story of a woman who had a desire in her heart to birth a son and to both serve the Lord herself, in her giving, and to see her son serve the Lord also. How she must have loved the Lord even during her 'barren' years. Yes, she had a husband who loved her even more than he loved his wife, Peninnah, who had given him many children--she knew God had blessed her in that way already.
In thinking about this, I wondered how many times we have asked for and received something from God that we really wanted. Then after receiving it, we held onto it so tight making it our very own, afraid even that God just might take it back. When, in fact, the best thing we can do is to dedicate everything that He has given to us--give it right back to Him for service--our spouses, our children, our ministry, our homes, even our cars so that we can use them for His glory! In doing that everything that we hold so dear is in the most capable Hands and taken care of better than we ever could. Hannah probably never even 'worried' about Samuel once she left him in God's wonderful care, where he was learning to serve Him.
We find out in this scripture (I Samuel 1 - 2:21) that Hannah was able to see her son every year when they went to the city to worship and bring sacrifices. And each year she took him a new robe, just his size, which she had lovingly made for him. As a result of her decision to live out the plan God had for her and her son, she was greatly blessed--God gave her three more sons and two daughters! The Bible says that God was kind to Hannah. God didn't leave her childless! She had five more children to love and care for.
Hannah's example is one that I want to put into practice in my life....what about you?
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