Christian Marriage Counseling - Marriage Repair in 5 Secret Steps

Christian Marriage Counseling - Marriage Repair Magic in 5 Secret Steps By Don Keith 

It is not uncommon for a marriage that started out on a strong foundation of love, trust and faith to later be found in "troubled waters". There are a myriad of things that may have contributed to the problems. Things in your marriage may just "not feel right" or it may seem like your marriage is headed for imminent disaster and destruction. Well take hope, a little christian marriage counseling might be just what you need..

There are 5 secret steps that can take any Christian union and turn it, not only into a healthy and strong relationship, but even into the marriage of your dreams! Because you both love Christ, you will find that by following these christian counseling secret steps you can have a sweet, exciting and heartwarming relationship in almost no time at all. Are you ready for a few christian marriage counseling tips?

Are you both ready and willing to step outside of your comfort zones to have a happy and rewarding marriage? If you both answered yes to that question sincerely, then the successful results you desire are absolutely assured! If only you are willing to do that and your spouse is not, it will be a little harder and take a little longer but, the probability is still very high that the desired dream companionship can still be regained or attained.

It is absolutely sure, that your personal happiness can be regained and maintained. Just follow as many of these secret steps as your can, to the very best of your ability and over time, you will be amazed at the positive results that a little christian marriage counseling produces with the help of one or more christian counselors giving assistance in person or through the written word.

Secret Step 1. Regain your perspective.God has given us a blueprint for happiness and joy. Go back to the well of pure enlightenment. Consistently read your scriptures daily with a prayerful heart and an open mind. Look for answers - not answers about what to tell your spouse in order to "fix" them, but look for answers about what you can do personally to better follow and experience God's plan of happiness.

Secret Step 2. Open the doors of respectful communication. Behind all the troublesome behaviors that your spouse may be exhibiting is still the person with whom you fell in love. The goodness of the person is still there. Start talking respectfully together every day for thirty minutes or some set amount of time. Talking respectfully is not shouting, sneering, snorting or snoring.

Share your fond memories, hopes, dreams, disappointments, feelings (even anger) in honest but respectful ways. Treat your mate during this thirty minutes together as the most important person in your life. Pretend if necessary. But, be genuinely respectful in your communication regardless how poor a job you feel the other person is doing of being respectful. Treat your spouse during this "talk time" like you would treat him or her if Christ himself were sitting there with you both. If you're having a struggle with this step, a visit for some christian marriage counseling may be a wise decision.

Secret Step 3. Relive and renew the fun! Set aside one night every week where you go on some type of date together. A walk in the park. A game together. A candle lit dinner. Play your favorite game together. Each week go on a date and do something that at least one of you wants to do. The next week the other should plan the date. If it is the date your spouse planned and you're not thrilled about it but can still tolerate it, go along and try to help give your spouse an enjoyable time - as a gift.

Secret Step 4. Formalize, communicate and coordinate your plans. Set aside a scheduled time each week - a few minutes where you agree to share with each other your schedules and plans for the upcoming week. Don't forget to schedule the time for the secret steps of christian marriage counseling that are outlined here.

Secret Step 5. Bring God into your relationship. You both have a friend in Jesus. Invite the Father and the Son into your relationship with daily sincere prayer together.
Now, you may not have ever followed all of these christian marriage counseling steps any time in your life - even when your marriage was new and beautiful. That's OK. I absolutely guarantee you, that if you will both follow these steps with sincerity, you will both find joy, happiness, excitement, fulfillment and friendship for the rest of your life. God said "prove me now herewith". 

I say the same thing. Click the link below and try these secret steps with sincerity for 30 days and you will discover that the happiness of your dreams can be had with the one you loved on the day you were married. Click the links below to find out more about christian marriage counseling that is available in book format. Visit Christian Marriage Counseling to find great Christian Marriage Advice that will help you enhance your happiness and have a wonderful married life. Article Source:

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