Your Motives Determine What Is Right or Wrong for You

Christian Relationship Help: Your Motives Determine What Is Right or Wrong for You By Karla Downing

This Christian relationship help will help you determine what actions are right or wrong for you. Difficult relationships have complicated dynamics. You are required to deal with problems, crises, and dilemmas. The following question comes up often: What is the right thing for me to do? It would be convenient to have a list to follow of what is right and wrong in certain circumstances, but unfortunately, it isn't that easy. Unless it is a clear Scriptural mandate, what is right and wrong for you is depends on your motives.
Jesus spoke often about what was in the heart that drove the behavior. He cared about why someone did a certain thing. This represents a powerful principle: Your motive determines whether your behavior is right or wrong for you.
When you are wondering whether it is right or wrong for you to help someone, to confront someone, to withhold your support, to refuse to go, to set a boundary, to say no, to say yes, or to refuse or agree to do something, ask yourself, "Why do I want to do/not do this?"
Here are some right motives:
  • To allow people to be responsible for themselves.
  • To be responsible for yourself.
  • To stand up for a clear Scriptural principle.
  • To make a stand against something that is wrong.
  • To be true to your own values.
  • To refuse to cooperate in something that is wrong for you.
  • To set a boundary that is right for you.
  • To be a good example to others.
Here are some wrong motives:
  • To people please out of fear of disapproval.
  • To allow someone to mistreat you.
  • To enable wrong behavior in others.
  • To prevent someone from facing the consequences of their own choices.
  • To cover up for someone else.
The next time you need to decide what to do, ask yourself why you are doing it and then weigh whether that motive is right or wrong. It will give you wisdom and discernment even in complicated situations.
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