You Can't Solve Her Problems So Don't Even Try

You Can't Solve Her Problems So Don't Even Try - Steve Wickham

"Like threading a needle with gloves on is the pleasing of one's wife." No matter what a man thinks, he can't possibly solve his partner's problems. And how long does he try for? Not long if he's wise.
This is a fact of life, men. Women don't want us to solve their problems, especially in this day and age. Long gone is the dream that a man's woman will have him be the knight in shining armour. It's a romantic thought that survives just long enough to see the spritely little flame flicker and then be snuffed out.
When you least try to, you'll actually help her. When you've tried everything and given up in defeat and frustration, you're then ready to try the new technique of the 'you don't know what I want' game: humble subjection.
This is a fun game any husband or male partner can play -- but it takes two to play so make sure you're partner is around. Try being led around the mulberry bush fifteen times and then you're going to succeed, and, you won't even know why! That's the point. A man has only himself to blame.
Learn the lesson and learn it well. Don't become a victim before your time allotted comes to an end. Keep quiet when she's got a problem. Understand, nod, smile with reassurance, and don't whatever you do, don't, I repeat, don't, think you know what's going on, because, like every other male partner on the planet, you don't. Simply listen.

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