Women: 7 Embarrassing Things That Cost Them Their Marriage for Life

Women: 7 Embarrassing Things That Cost Them Their Marriage for Life -  Stan Onodu

From the physical point of view, there were and there still are, lots of women who are allowing their life partners slip off their hands. By their actions, the message is simply: I have decided never to get married.
Because I feel concerned, I want to highlight the top 7 embarrassing things that women do consciously or unconsciously that suggest they don't want to marry.
Scary Face. A man may be attracted to a woman, and the next thing for him to do is to approach her. But the message he interprets from the expression on her face determines, to a large extent, whether or not he would go ahead to chat her up. You see, some women are always looking so serious. They find it very difficult to smile, and that alone is enough to scare men away because nobody enjoys rejection.
Fantasies. A lot of women don't get married because of unrealistic expectations from would-be life partners. They even measure their relationships by what they read from romantic novels and what they watch on similar movies. This kind of fantasies can never be equated with real life experiences in marriage relationships. But most of them get deceived and continue quitting relationships that would have resulted in marriages.
Mr. Perfect. Another factor which hindered women who never married is continuous look-out for Mr. Perfect. They are so scared of making mistakes in their choice of life partners. They are so afraid of the challenges inherent in marriages. They continue to ask: what if that man turns out to be a wrong partner? But the truth is: there is no Mr. Perfect and there is no Miss Perfect. She that is looking for Mr. Perfect is not perfect. So, if you want to marry, change.
Freedom. Times are changing, and of course, it's been proven that everything changes except change itself. A couple of women will never marry because of this attitudinal change towards marriage. More and more women in this age are craving for freedom and independence. They argue that if they can make their own money, secure and pay for their own apartments, live their lives the way they want and even as single mothers, take care of their kids, then why should they commit to marriage and lose their freedom? They do not want to compromise anything for the sake of marriage.
Pride. Pride goes before a fall. So goes a saying, you remember?! These women who may never marry are so full of themselves that they tend to always see themselves on top of the World. They snub men anytime they are approached. They lack respect. When they talk, they often talk down on people. This is one attitude that puts men off.
Greed. There is no doubt that one of the things that attract women to men is wealth or riches. As a matter of fact, everybody wants comfort. But greed means taking things to the extreme. A lot of women who find it difficult to marry are greedy. They want 'already made'. They want men who are famous, rich and in positions of authority. Agreeably, these men are scarce.
Slovenliness. They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. Neatness is very important in our personal life, in our family life and in fact, in any environment we find ourselves. Sincerely, if there is anybody who needs to be clean and neat at all times, it is the women largely because of their physiological make-up. In a nutshell, any woman who is habitually dirty will definitely repel men.
If you are a woman and you really want to marry, you need to work on the above tips and make that required attitudinal change that will see you meet your life partner. I wish you all the best!
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