Why Punish People For Innocent Mistakes

Why Punish People For Innocent Mistakes? -  Steve Wickham

There are so many times in life when people are unnecessarily punished for making innocent mistakes and errors, mainly of human nature.
Sometimes the punishment 'fits the crime' like the speeding fine I received recently - even though it was an error or lapse on my behalf it 'corrects' a general behaviour and creates a higher awareness in me to adhere to the road rules with more consistency.
But there are times when people are punished for mistakes that bring consequences not so dire as the risk of a road crash. This is where grace is lacking in the person bringing the punishment.
I see this in a lot of 'cursed' parents who wish to take their issues out on their kids... and so the curse continues on into another generation. People like this stand implicitly for selfishness and untruth. They don't see the folly in this thinking or behaviour. It is most unfortunate. These people won't be told -- they know better. These people are Proverbial Fools. They refuse to see the damage they're engendering.
How do we respond? We parent children from another viewpoint that points to truth, through faith in God. He guides us so we can guide our children. Do we discipline our children -- yes. Do we love them even then? Yes! Even more is there an opportunity to love them through discipline and instruction.
Are you punishing anyone in your life who might only be making predictable errors and mistakes, particularly your children? Are you a supervisor at work with employee incompetence to deal with? They might may make mistakes over and over again -- the same ones... is your patience being tested? If so, good. Make sure YOU show them (especially your children) how an adult is supposed to behave by remaining in control of your emotions. Most of all you're showing them in your patience, that you have unconditional love for them. It is hard, but not impossible.
You will soon see the results of your parenting and your other relationships. What outcomes do you want to see?
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