When to Close an Open Mind

When to Close an Open Mind - Steve Wickham

"Merely having an open mind is nothing. The object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid." ~G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936)
Having an open mind is merely the first step, and perhaps it's a waste if we don't arrange the closure of our mental forceps around the right object of thought; the appropriate decision.
But at least having an open mind is a start. It is the person who has, through the wisdom of discernment, learned to allow tranquil roaming, like a fluttering butterfly upon the comings and goings of life until the appropriate decision is made.
But it would seem just as much senseless if we waited to decide and decided upon an inappropriate course of action.
An open mind merely affords a foundation, and then it is up to us to bring about the decision, upon which to close our minds around.
These items of thinking - to close the mind at the appropriate time, in possession of the right knowledge - proffer to us, wisdom.
Having waited and laboured upon our thinking, in the seeking of the right timing, knowledge, and appropriateness, we found our way. This process took patience. And patience is always of wisdom.
In coming upon the decision, having waited and laboured upon the moment, there is the full construct of power afforded the decision. The blessing of an open mind was followed by the blessing of the mind closed at the right time, with the right knowledge, in perfect appropriateness.
Such decisions, when they are made, give us a pleasant confidence that we have managed to land in the will of God. No better place is there anywhere in the world than that.
The added blessing is this one: having that calm assurance, we have elaborated our interest in the process and final result. We watch more cautiously as the decision unfolds. Then we have the wherewithal to act if need be.
Wisdom is a blessing, because it reminds us how good it is to be a good steward of our times and resources and possessions. And being a good steward is one of the greatest blessings of the child of God; to know we have landed in the will of God.
An open mind is important, but it is only half the blessing. Open minds are destined to be closed, around things that align with the will of God. Knowing when to close an open mind, having considered all information, is wisdom.

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