Using The 4-Way Test For Success

Using The 4-Way Test For Success -  Steve Wickham

Decision-making is a tough art form; most people get it wrong from time to time. Decisions that don't cater for everyone are likely to either threaten the success of the action or damage relationships. The 4-Way Test of Rotary International corrects this. This system is used to ensure decision-making is consistently fair and just; a discipline for everyone regarding the things we ought to think, say and do. This system has been used successfully for over 50 years so it will definitely assist anyone who applies it. It can help improve relationships, business efficiency, and others' perception of you. It will also save you unnecessary pain, awkwardness, and re-work. 
The first question to ask is, "Is it the TRUTH?" Dealing with anything other than the truth is fraught with danger. You tell on the lie or it will tell on you! This means non-truth invariably comes out in the end and this almost certainly damages your credibility, not to mention the success of what you're trying to achieve.
The second question is: "Is it FAIR to all concerned?" If it is fair the decision being made will not offend anyone and is likely to advance respect and have sustainability. Can you imagine how you will be perceived when people see your high values toward fairness for all? It's win-win.
The third question is: "Will it BUILD GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?" We have no benefit in our lives from poor relationships. Yet, it is easy to build good relationships when we're consistently building goodwill and better friendships by doing things for people that advance these values. The decision or action needs to be carried out in a way that creates, sustains, and augments friendship.
The fourth question is: "Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?" This final test question is crucial and overarching in some ways. If you can't do something for the benefit of all, or in a way that won't benefit everyone you'll probably be criticised and undermined. Some might think being able to please everyone is impossible, and perhaps so, but can you make it, or do it in a way that's, of benefit to everyone? See how this is slightly different from pleasing everyone? There has to be benefit for everyone.
Process: Your decisions need to attend to all four test questions. If you can answer "yes" only to two or three of the questions try and go back over the issue to see if it can be tweaked to a "yes" for all four. To work consistently, this method requires discipline and practise. All the commitment to practise will be worth it.
Using this will bring success because it involves and demonstrates concern for people. It will create stepping stones or milestones for success as you apply it more and more.
Most people fumble with personal and business relationships because they're not consistently working with truth, they're not fair to all; they don't consider everyone they're impacting on. The 4-Way Test is designed to counter all these faults and keep everyone basically happy while your required decision is implemented. Imagine less painful results and less re-work in your dealings with people. If you apply this consistently you will be amazed by the results.

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