The Kingdom-Minded Morning Prayer

The Kingdom-Minded Morning Prayer - By Steve Wickham

Presuming we already know the eternal value of prayer, the value of re-commitment through prayer - especially morning prayer - is possibly one of the most important opportunities a Christian has in re-engaging with God.
With that in mind, the 2012 Global Leadership Summit finished with a challenge to all delegates: to institute into their lives, for 30 days, a morning prayer:
My Morning Prayer
God, this is a new day. I freshly commit myself to the role you have invited me to play, as you are building your church in this world. I am awestruck again today that you include me in this grand life-giving, world-transforming endeavour. So today I joyfully offer you:
My love, my heart, my talents, my energy, my creativity, my faithfulness, my resources, and my gratitude.
I commit all of myself to the role you have assigned me in the building of your church so that it may thrive in this world. And I will "bring it" today. I will bring my best. You deserve it. Your church deserves it. It is the hope of the world. AMEN.
I prayed this prayer with my wife, Sarah, for the first time this morning. We spoke it aloud together, and, as we continue this season of seeking God regarding his plan for our ministry lives, I reflected on the following things.
Bringing truth to bear has us recognising the above fact. If this broken and horribly-messed-up world has any sort of chance regarding a spiritual revival that will bring forth many practical revivals, the world depends on the Church. We, as bands of individuals, are the Church. We, in our little areas, denominations, and tiny spheres of influence, can have impact; an influence for God in our world.
The local church is made up of individuals, united for the cause of Christ, to go into the world to bring good news to the poor, to facilitate release of the captives, to free the oppressed, and to give sight to the blind in Jesus' name.
It's presumed that we have all had delusions of grandeur regarding the magnificent things we could do in the kingdom of God. But God is in the basic things. In our individual roles we can do what we can do.
Whilst God might call some to 'ministries of impossibility', he calls the majority to do the little they can to make the difference they can. Everyone can make their contribution.
My Morning Prayer above is a very kingdom-minded prayer. When we know Christ we become kingdom-minded - wanting everyone else to share in the good news and to commit their lives unto salvation in Jesus' name. Our roles are to support this in any way we can. There are much more little tasks to be done than big tasks.
The best prayer is a kingdom-minded prayer; where we would commit our entire selves to realizing the kingdom of God within our own lives. When we commit to developing ourselves and acting in obedience in service of other people and our world, Christ's kingdom has become our home, as we sit before the Throne of our King.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham. Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner (BSc, FSIA, RSP[Australia]) and a qualified, unordained Christian minister (GradDipBib&Min). Steve writes at: and  Article Source:
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