The God in Every Day

The God in Every Day  Steve Wickham

There is a special blessing in being able to see the miracle value in a simple sunrise, as we commemorate the gift of yet another day of existence in this life. How crazy is life, that, no matter how bad life gets, rarely do we want it over.

If we cannot attribute the making of another day to the love of the Lord, we cannot delight in the simple fact of the beginning of the day. We know we ought to be thankful, and though we aren't always thankful, we know we are blessed just to live, even if we don't feel blessed.
If not for God we would not live. It is as plain and as simple as that.
The God in every day - ever present and ever compelling - is silent and majestic, apart from the deafening sound of creation as it winds on and on and on. So many are still tone deaf, yet the fortunate can detect the sound within the spiritual heartbeat of their lives. They search and must search for the Lord their God.
Looking out from the bedroom window, upon clouds or a cloudless sky, we appreciate, most times, the blessing of rest and the provision for a new day. We lament tiredness, but God, in that, reminds us of our responsibilities to ourselves. Tomorrow we get another chance to set our lives straight.
The God in every day is moving and active, dynamic even though this Lord of Life appears boringly dormant. Those with eyes to see, enjoining the ears attuned to the divine bellow, see something ever so regal in the innocuous; there is something wondrous about those things we take for granted that are simply beyond our comprehension.
God is real when God comes into our lives and convinces us, convicting our hearts for truth. And when such a thing has happened, yes, even in the every day, we cannot turn back.
Our whole lives have changed, and we regret not one single thing.
The God in every day reminds us, in the motion of life, that love abounds despite the iniquity we feel certain will swallow the world one day. There is hope in the sight and sounds of God as we consider creation. And where there is hope there is ultimately joy. All these proffer peace.

When eyes and ears are opened, the truth of God in everyday life comes plain and irrefutable. Suddenly we see and hear life in a whole new way. And life becomes brand-new from that day onward.

© 2013 S. J. Wickham. Steve Wickham is a Baptist Pastor and a Registered Safety Practitioner and holds Degrees in Science, Divinity, and Counselling. Steve writes at: and Article Source: Article Source:

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