The Blessedness of the Responsible Life

The Blessedness of the Responsible Life -  Steve Wickham

"Significance and fulfillment are not found amongst those who spectate, but [amongst] those who intentionally involve themselves in the process of existence." ~Philip Baker

Who are the happiest of people? Who are those who have the least amount of inner conflict? Who amongst humanity can truly say they have joy in abundance? Who may we say wants these aforementioned qualities of life?
The rest of the article is devoted to answering these questions as we gravitate toward the concept that when we live with intentionality of purpose we derive joy and vice versa.
When a person is at joy within themselves there is a near and dear purpose throbbing from within them. And when a purpose is found in life, which gives life all its meaning, there is great joy.
Joy and purpose go together.
This, of course, is a win/win reality for the person who has purpose, or who has joy. With one they have the other. And without one they are without the other. When we are without joy or purpose - meaning we lack purpose or joy - we lose our peace, and our inner conflict purges from within us affecting our external world. This is manifest by behavioral anxiety - the inner torment that ripples outward and affects our relationships. But when we have purpose and resulting joy (or the other way around) we have access to an inner satisfaction we call contentedness. When we are content, all the more do our relationships go better.
I've been rhetorical in posing the four questions above. Those who are happiest in life have significant purpose. These are the fulfilled, for their intentionality drives them with meaning - especially if the meaning is philanthropic. These sorts of people are not easily burned-out. Their flame burns brightly within. Where there is a purpose we can fall in love with it is a joy to be alive.
The purposeful, even though they may contend with much conflict, actually have very little inner conflict. Their vision carries them forward beyond the angst resounding in their circumstances. They exist in peace and they provide peace for others.
If joy and purpose cohere, then so do peace and joy, for the person full of peace can see nothing but joy.
It's too easy to say everyone wants happiness, peace, and joy; the truth is most people apparently don't. They are too busy blaming external factors for their lack of happiness, peace, and joy. And so we get to the crux of the matter: the acceptance of responsibility.
The person who truly wants happiness, peace, and joy will soon discover that God has given humankind everything it needs to experience these. All we must do is accept our responsibilities by aligning ourselves with truths everywhere.
Achieving happiness, peace, and joy is easy. All we need to do is take responsibility for our lives and take less (or no) responsibility for others' lives. When we live the responsible life, we experience a very great personal power - the blessing of God.
Blessed are the responsible - those who maturely accept what they should do and then do it.
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