Simply 3 Things to Cause Success (and 3 Things to Avoid Doing)

Simply 3 Things to Cause Success (and 3 Things to Avoid Doing) -  Steve Wickham

I love learning. This is something I learned recently, in fact 19-days ago it came to me as a sort of formula. These are basic things, so I'll get right down to it. Don't overlook the wisdom of these things simply because I'm not making a big song and dance about them. They're states of mind to carry with you one day at a time... one moment at a time. Practice makes more perfect.
Three (3) things causing success:
Be an "overcomer":
Whatever challenges come your way you can overcome them -- every one of them. This is not simply theory. But, it requires courage, and take heart, courage, like any character quality, can be grown.
Keep Life Simple:
Don't overly complicate things including relationships and plans. Be easy to satisfy. Take your time through life. Don't over-commit yourself -- again, courage helps here.
Get and remain focused:
Focus is difficult to achieve, yet your will alone can get you to focus very powerfully. Focus is achieved when you have:
1) your values sorted,
2) your roles (and relationships with self, family, work, God) all working, and
3) meaningful goals that give you purpose, drive, resilience, and joy to power you through life.
But, wait, there's still more...
Three (3) things to avoid:
Stop complaining:
We all complain. It's human nature. To counteract our propensity to complain we need to become unconsciously competent praisers. If we complain in our heart, we will end up spewing out the words at some point. Defeat the temptation to complain with praise and thanksgiving.
Stop compromising:
This is a terrible thing. Compromise really is at the root of all evil. Think about it, the moment we compromise our standards is the moment we give birth to laziness, greed, envy... the list goes on. To stop compromising we need to discipline our minds by becoming aware as the temptation to compromise hits, and then with the will of the mind, take the firm road to a harder, sounder decision.
Stop being indecisive:
Indecision along with worry is a great energy waster. It's often a contributor to what I call "mental fog." As I mentioned above, we need the will of the mind to be decisive and to trust our instincts. We also need courage to make decisions.
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