Seeing Life for Sight of the Son

Seeing Life for Sight of the Son - Steve Wickham

I believe in God, like I believe in the sun. I see it rise every morning and see everything clearer, just like when I see the Son I see everything clearer.
C.S. Lewis said something quite similar to the above.
There is a real coherence between the sun's rays in illuminating our lands so we can see, and the fact of faith in Jesus that helps us to see truth over our entire spiritual landscape.
Faith in Jesus facilitates the seeing of life, for sight in the Son is our faculty of eternal life in the body, then later in the spirit.
Maybe non-believers will struggle and contest this understanding; that only through faith do we get a fuller portion of the truth with which to observe and, then, be edified by. But having been saved by the Lord Jesus, and having also been discipled as a disciple of God, we enter into a reality that deems reality an absolute necessity.
The saved person - the person sanctified in Jesus' name in order to grow, and always abide in the truth - sees the truth. They need to. They cannot help to. If a saved person cannot see the truth, what good is God to that person?
God is love and we know it, but God works more centrally in the manner of truth by the wisdom known to exist within the realm of life.
When all else of life is stripped away all that matters is the truth.
When we know the Son, we want to know the truth, disregarding its costs. That takes courage, and courage requires faith. To live knowing that good and bad things come with equal veracity, and to rest with God in that knowledge, takes faith in Christ. Nothing else cuts it.
Sure, it takes courage to abide by the truth; faith to trust that we can endure the truth.
These words appear to have little direction, but they are all truths about truth.
We need nothing more than we need the truth. When we have the truth, and we comfortably accept it, nothing can truly harm us. The power of God is with us, not against us, as would not be the case if we preferred to bend the truth to our discreet needs.
Now, our jumping off point was about sight; that seeing is believing.
When we have the sunshine we see all things illuminated. When we have another Sonshine, we see spiritual things all through life that are illuminated; truths of life; truths of being; and, particularly, relational truths.
Life is about truth and about seeing reality, and accepting it. That's the abundant life. Jesus, the Son, illuminates in a similar way to that which the sun illuminates. We need light for our lives; to acknowledge what must be acknowledged; to accept what must be accepted.
Truth alone heals, but healing is not available if we deny the truth. As God is Love, God is also Truth.
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