Responding To Backstabbers - At School, Work Or Club

Responding To Backstabbers - At School, Work Or Club -  Steve Wickham

The truth is no one likes a backstabber. They seem to be that type of individual who is nice to your face and trouble when your back's turned. (This article is not motivated by a personal issue, but by reflecting on the behavior of some known individuals who poison an otherwise nice workplace or social environment with pathetic lies.)
If you get wind that someone is backstabbing you, or you hear someone backstabbing someone else, do these things:
1. Be cautious of trusting this individual. They'll need to re-earn your trust.
2. Call them on the backstabbing behaviour gently. Don't let it pass. Chances are they'll actually back-track and 'dilute the poison.'
3. Always try and defend the person who is not around, especially if their character is being unfairly assassinated.
Backstabbers are very scared individuals. They can't create strength for themselves and their faulty self-esteem so they try and diminish the worth of others to reap what short benefit there is to gain -- and it is short benefit, because no good person likes to hear another person run down, and their character slain.
We can rightly feel sorry for people who resort to backstabbing. They have a major character flaw that most people can see, and it's a pity they can't actually see it for themselves most of the time. If you feel courageous and you're skilful enough, you could try and approach them with this truth, but you would also need to do it in a loving way; even though people who backstab hurt others at will, they too are likely to be easy to hurt and offend.
At the end of the day, it is hurt (noun) people who hurt (verb) people. The hurt person does the hurting. It's cyclic. Breaking the cycle of envy and getting people healed so they don't hurt others is the key.

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