Proven Way to a Balanced Life

Proven Way to a Balanced Life -  Steve Wickham

This subject is something that vexes seemingly everyone -- balance in life. The following information is scientifically-proven. It was discovered through studies of administrators and their quest for work/life balance. The subjects of the study were already stressed and sought to "bring balance back into their life."[1]
There is no simple answer in reality. Balance is something that doesn't come without its share of sacrifice -- its own sacrifices. It means not hankering after material possessions, releasing the pressure to work obscene hours for the latest mod cons. It means being able to be still -- to be emotionally peaceful ironically requires emotional peace; the ability to be quiet and unstimulated for longer than a few minutes.
These are the steps specified in the study referenced below. You might read this and think, 'there's nothing new in that,' or 'it makes so much sense.' Whatever. Keeping your life simple and committing to these steps is 'worth its weight in gold.'
"The first step is to create a picture of how things could be, because real change always comes from the inside.
"The second step is adjusting [your] attitude. Controlling [your] attitude is as important as controlling [your] actions.
"The third step is organizing [your] time, efforts, and priorities. These steps are not simplistic and may not be easy, but they are worth their weight in gold. [You] can use these steps to create individualized strategies that will support [your] vision."

 Copyright 2008, Steven John Wickham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.This is the first of a series of articles on the subject, to support separated fathers.[1] S. Grissom, DivorceCare - Changed Lives, (Wake Forest, North Carolina: DivorceCare, Inc., 1996)Steve Wickham is a safety and health professional (BSc) and a qualified lay Christian minister (GradDipDiv). His passion in vocation is facilitation and coaching; encouraging people to soar to a higher value of their potential. Steve's key passion is work / life balance and re-creating value for living, and an exploration of the person within us. An advocate for a fair and just life, Steve implements wisdom strategies to his life through a passion for Proverbial wisdom. His highest goal is doing God's will, in enhancing his life, and the lives of others.Article Source: Article Source: