"One Day At A Time" Acrostic

"One Day At A Time" Acrostic -  Steve Wickham

Accountable to live wisely Believe in yourself Credibility is key to reputation: value and nurture it Diligently work at each life role you have Encourage others to be their best Freedom (spiritual freedom) is the prize for right, just and fair living Gratitude is the key to inner peace Humility is helping and considering other people "I love you; I forgive you..." words you should say each day Justice in life. Recognise, affirm, and protect it Kindness is the greatest gift you can bestow on anyone, especially those you love. 

Love like your life depends on it, because it does Modelling. You are a model. People watch you and learn from you. Do good New. Life is about second chance. 

Grace dictates we get numerous second chances 

Openness requires courage, especially after being hurt; remain open Patience in life is essential. Almost all offenses occur due to a lack of patience Quiet. Listen more than you speak. This is the way of learning and humility 

Respect everyone and everything. We're all part of the delicate balance of life Special. You are special, and so is everyone else! 
Trust your loved ones and friends. Trust until your trust is betrayed, and then trust some more.
Understand the flow of life. There are good days and bad
Virtue. The life of virtue is the life committed to the good and eternal value
Wisdom is life's chief goal. Don't miss it. Get wisdom, get understanding
Xtravagance. Live extravagantly, but not materially, spiritually. Bless people abundantly
Y settle for anything less than the preceding?
Zoe is Greek for life. Live life one day at a time; it's God's design

© Copyright 2008, Steven John Wickham. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Steve Wickham is a safety and health professional (BSc) and a qualified lay Christian minister (GradDipDiv). He is also has training and leadership Diplomas. His passion in vocation is facilitation and coaching; encouraging people to soar to a higher value of their potential. Steve's key passion is work / life balance and re-creating value for living, and an exploration of the person within us. An advocate for a fair and just life, Steve implements wisdom strategies to his life through a passion for Proverbial wisdom. His highest goal is doing God's will, in enhancing his life, and the lives of others. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steve_Wickham  Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1102931

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