Marriage is Good For All Ladies

Marriage is Good For All Ladies - By Mugendi Elizaphan

Marriage is good for all ladies. I know many ladies have been the greatest casualties in marriage related conflicts. Yes I know many have persevered for a long time in extremely abusive relationships. It is true many ladies hang on till the last of the last minutes. All this withstanding, I still confidently say to you; marriage is good for you. Do not allow the few bad-looking marriages to deny you the long term benefits of a good and rich marriage.
I deeply desire to have every lady convinced that marriage is one of the best things that can happen to a woman's life. Just believe you can get a good husband. Let me say this to those who are already in unpleasant marriages, you can make the husband you desire out of the man you live with. It is possible. What you need to have is the right tools to get the right results.Recently I watched a very wonderful feature on the famous Tyra Banks Show. She was hosting - in my opinion - a very wonderful and incredible couple. The husband was what I would describe as a 'heavy weight' but the wife was a unique one. She was around three feet tall and was said to be a victim of 'weak bones'. They had some beautiful children and appeared to be a very happy family. This lady was happy and grateful to be married. The husband brought to her life incredible joy, fulfillment, contentment and value. She can only imagine how life would be - for her - outside their warm and fulfilling companionship.
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