How to Forgive For Good

How to Forgive For Good -  By Robert Pedersen

So how do you forgive for good?
First of all - how do you know when you have really forgiven another?
Here's a simple recipe. When you can think of the thing that was done to you and feel no emotional charge around that person or event you have forgiven.
I would even say that the "forget" part of "forgive and forget" is exactly that. It's not that you develop Alzheimers around that individual memory - it's just that you no longer have any attachment to it - no energy spent there - no more upset when the event or person comes to mind.
That's the goal. How do we get there?
To achieve true forgiveness - for good - requires a new mind set.
Paul in his letter to the Philippians said "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus".
That's what is required - a new mind - the mind of Christ.
Have you ever noticed what happens when you change your mind? Suddenly everything changes. It's like the previous situation never existed.
That's what it's like when you change your mind about what others have done to you - and what you've done to others.
The mind that was in Christ forgave before the deed was even done. That's the paradigm that Jesus lived in. Remember Jesus came to bring forgiveness. That was His purpose so His mind approached everything from that perspective.
From that perspective forgiveness was already provided.
Could you develop that mind?
Believe it or not, you can. It's really amazing what happens when you do.
You become much more free. You no longer worry about who does what. Even your judgment of others will relax. That's helpful to meet one of the other commands of Jesus - "Judge not that ye be not judged".
This is the only way to forgive for good. You may try forgiving over and over and over - but you will find that you're stuck in an endless cycle.
To begin developing the mind of Christ simply start entertaining the possibilities I've described here. Spend some time thinking about the way Jesus offered forgiveness even to those who nailed Him on the cross, Judas and others.
Think about what you'll lose if you forgive.
Don't worry about who's right and who's wrong - in case you don't know it - that's an endless loop. Like a mouse on an exercise wheel you'll expend a lot of time, energy and effort and get nowhere.
Cultivate the mind of Christ - forgive for good.
Forgive for good- learning how is key to communicating with God. When you discover these tips you're well on your way! Article Source: Article Source:

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