How to Date a Daughter

How to Date a Daughter -  Steve Wickham

Being a separated father means I want to compensate for times not spent with my daughters. It's something that wells up within me. There's a desire to want to spend time with them, to support them, and to continue building our relationship. If you're in a similar situation, i.e. you don't have daily access to your children, and you want to enrich your relationship with your growing son or daughter I offer the following tips:
Tell them how special they are to you often. I mention that I love my girls every time I see them, and certainly as we part company.
Make it a point to discover what they love to do and then get involved with them in doing it. You can call it a date -- that is, special time for you as parent to spend time with them seeing the joy they experience in that activity. Make it special by adding loving surprises like a meal out. Kids love to be treated like responsible adults, especially teens.
Sample dates can be from father/daughter balls, trips to the movies, going to the playground together, shopping dates, etc. There's no limit to the things you can do. It just has to qualify as a desired activity for your child to do. (Your joy is driven from theirs!)
I try and go on two or three such dates per child per year. The only limit really is time and money. But there are so many things you can do and not need any or much money.
I try and ensure there is quality conversation on every date, particularly as they get older. For me, the teen years are a special time in a child's life; they're entering adulthood and it can potentially be a hugely positive time or precisely the opposite. Parents are custodians of their kids' hearts.
You know the best thing about dating your son or daughter is that you model a good relationship or friendship with them. You're teaching them how to relate with people, how to have conversation, and how to love.

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