How God Rebuilds a Broken Man

How God Rebuilds a Broken Man - Steve Wickham

What God rebuilds becomes literally a new creation.
Never condemn a man who has undergone an anointing of transformation - God's very hand is on his life.
It is amazing how people will continue to remember the old man - the person caught inexorably in the web of their sin. What they had become defined for continues to define them, for some people, for the rest of their lives. It is important that the new man moves on and away from such people, for such people are not surrendered to God as far as he in his life is concerned. They can do him no benefit.
We need to understand that God is in the business of rebuilding and reshaping lives - of redeeming the worst of us - and we all have that 'worst' side that needs to be dealt with.
Where a man, or a woman for that matter, truly gives their life toward true conviction - to proclaim themselves guilty as charged, and are sent bent upon repentance - they will be rebuilt.
God's miraculous nature pours into such a life through the Holy Spirit.
Everything is turned upside down in the grandest refurbishment at soul scale. What was once so hard now becomes hardly ever easier. And what was so simple before - the entrapping temptation or the preponderance of vice - now becomes hard because of aversion. The flow of life is now with God. Reversing this is not an option.
True conviction drives a man to change. Where there is true conviction God will not stop in the pouring out of his Spirit into that life. Where conviction melds with the Presence of God there we have a divine union toward change.
True life change is about true conviction of heart towards that change. What might have been tried a thousand times beforehand, without success, now becomes a reality.
The man who is truly convicted by the Spirit of God is made a new creation overnight. And God will not have that man - a man of God - condemned.
Are we to dispute with God?
God gives us no role to condemn anyone. It is a trick of the devil to get into that territory. No matter the history with anyone, God can purge that history, and make that person a new one, wiping the slate clean!
The more open we are to the miracles of God the more we will see them. And the most resplendent of miracles are those that occur in a person, or within a relationship.
What God rebuilds let no man or woman split asunder.
What God rebuilds becomes literally a new creation. With true conviction by the person concerned, God can do anything in anyone's life. God can rebuild anyone. Indeed, this is what God does - and has always, from eternity to eternity.

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