Healthy Marriages Defined

Healthy Marriages Defined -  Dawgelene Sangster

First off, why did you get married anyway? Did you view it as something you just do because your momma or daddy did it? Did you dream about it when you were little and just wanted to do it because it seemed like fun? Did you do it because you were forced into it? Or, did you do it because you were commissioned by something far beyond what the natural eye can see? Think about it for a minute before reading on.
Remember this; no matter what your reason was for getting married, marriage is NOT perfect so you set yourself up for disappointment if you go into it thinking it will be a perfect fairytale relationship. However you should expect at the minimum, to achieve the goal you agreed to: marriage for life. When you said "I Do" you agreed to be with this person through the good, bad, happy, sad, rich, poor, sickness and well times. To do that effectively, you have to first understand why you got married, and then determine what you can do to ensure that you live up to the responsibilities of your role as a spouse. 
You have been blessed to be bonded together with someone that you once thought the world of. Circumstances may have changed but your love has always been the key to the door of your marriage. How do you keep that key close to your heart and the door opened, when so much negativity towards the sanctity of marriage is prevalent in the world? It takes patience, commitment, love and accountability. Accountability is critical because you can only be accountable for what God wants you to do or be as a spouse. You can't make your spouse do or be something, but you can live a life in front of them that is pleasing to God, that could spark a change in them.
Although marriage is between two people, it is something that was ordained by God and He should be the one that binds it together. Make it a point to try and focus on your role and living up to what you need to do, and then watch how things change for the better in your spouse. It won't change overnight, but it will change. How will they change you ask? Well, when you change YOUR WAY OF THINKING and responding negatively to situations that you encounter in your marriage, the things your spouse is or isn't doing will actually be minuscule to you, because of your increased spiritual strength in God and His word. 
If your marriage isn't healthy, it CAN be that way with some extra time and commitment to making it work. If it is already healthy, then continue to strive for ultimate health and share it with another couple that is struggling in their marriage. Why? Remember this, each one, should teach one, to mentor one and preserve marriages!
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