Freedom, Learning, Healing and Wholeness

Freedom, Learning, Healing and Wholeness - By Steve Wickham

"... healing of a lasting kind is the product of an inner creative emotional act." ~Neville Symington
No one can make a person be healed. A person must agree with themselves, through the agency of God, whether they are aware of it or not, that they want to be healed; that they need healing and are prepared to do what it takes. And wanting to be healed is just the first step.
So begins the search to reclaim the destiny of tranquility; a soul at peace with itself.
The healing act is a transformational transaction that must be free. It cannot be imposed. We may pray for our children - for their healing, or for them to become saved - but coercion will never work. We need to be praying for a miracle.
That's God's business.
When we bring faith to bear in such ways as to leave coercion at the door, accepting another's free will as entirely their own without judgment - their wisdom - we join with God by heavenly intercession.
Salvation and healing must be free choices. We must allow God's Spirit to work independent of human fabrication or interference. The circumstances are God's, not ours.
Miracles that occur in our witness revitalise our faith that God works.
The LORD works eternally and the Spirit works miraculously transforming hearts and minds free for the recreating.
God's in the business of restoring souls.
The process of healing, with God having created the will inside the vessel to be healed, is one of restructuring the person's reality and their perception of reality.
Healing is about seeing the world anew, by analysing and deconstructing our patterns of thinking, and exploring our feeling processes, not judging either one little bit. We become students of the self.
God, the Teacher, is showing us as we open the books of our minds, the manuals of our hearts, and compendiums of our souls, that we have much to learn, and that learning is vital. In learning is healing. In curiosity is fascination and in fascination is eventual blessing.
As we begin to challenge our perceptions, without judgment, just working with the truth, checking it with trusted others, we learn. In learning we are healed. The beauty of healing is its tangential nature; we enjoy more and more healing - the joy always grows as we climb the learning curve.
Healing can only occur because the person wants to be healed; they are prepared to search and keep on searching. They will embark on the personal journey. Within curiosity and learning is healing.
Healing is about becoming a student of the self, with God's Spirit the Teacher.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham. Steve Wickham is a Registered Safety Practitioner and holds Degrees in Science, Divinity, and Counselling. Steve writes at: and Article Source: Article Source: 

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