For the Newly Married

For the Newly Married - By Mugendi Elizaphan

For the newly married, a few tips will help achieve your dreams. Enjoy every happy moment with your new love. Go places together, eat together, read together, pray together, plan together, play together, and let everything be together. Share your passions, dreams and expectations with each other.
Speak out about your weaknesses and also your strengths. Revisit your past and dot not get stuck there, be aware of where you are today and then you can view the future using one lens so as to consolidate your destiny. Purpose to keep your love hot, alive and vibrant all the rest of your live regardless of many challenges that you may face in the future. Share of any possible distractions towards your friendship and marriage and plan how you will deal with them in case they come.
This is one of the best moments you have, therefore, maximize on empowering each other. You are in a formative stage where you need to define the right course for your lives and relationship. See yourself living together to old age. Speak positively to one another. Keep on assuring one another that God created you in His image and meant that you will live with one another as husband and wife.
Do not allow doubt about the choice you made to get married. Identify a mature married couple that you admire and request them to mentor you as you grow in your relationship. My other good advice to you is not to look at the few marriages that have not worked rather concentrated and emulate the many that are happily married.
Mugendi is a renown and sought-after counselor. He is involved in both individual and group counseling. He is also an accomplished minister of the gospel. Your Marriage CounselorArticle Source:  Article Source:

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