Envy Breeds Envy - Stopping It Dead In Its Tracks

Envy Breeds Envy - Stopping It Dead In Its Tracks -  Steve Wickham

Most people aren't aware how insidious the deadly sin of envy is. It is unhappiness at another's success, or according to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition, it's a "painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage." The root word is often Latin invidia, but there is also a Greek word (phonetically) poneiros that means "evil eye." Interestingly, this word can also mean "devil." People can be envied generally because simply they're good at something. It is also, "Ill will pure and simple, the hatred of good because it is good."[1]
I believe every one of us is susceptible to it, and not only that, it breeds itself. This means if you're the subject of envy (someone envies you) you are likely to be tempted -- by their actions -- to become somewhat envious in return. This is because the malicious intent of their action(s) is felt by us on the receiving end and we'll often be tempted to 'return fire' by at least having a bad feeling toward them, even if it isn't translated in action -- some people might think this is a rather long bow -- but I believe this feeling is envy.
It is interesting that the earlier Greek word is associated with the lazy. Lazy people are often the most envious because they want what others have but don't or can't make the effort. Envious people also envy others with superior personality or character. Notwithstanding these, envy is a wide-ranging emotion and it's dangerous because it can infect you!
How do we beat envy and stop it dead in its tracks? In an earlier article -- "Taming the Green-Eyed Monster - How to Beat Envy" -- I spoke of the role of advocacy in superimposing a solution above this powerful negative emotion. It was suggested that advocacy is employed to enable and empower the weak. In other words, divert your attention to somewhere or someone who you can help.
I suggest however that there is an even more powerful response. It's about actively avoiding the envious and spending time and effort on those who need us. The best thing we can do is avoid being 'infected' with envy's cancerous poison. Avoid contact with people who create envious feelings in you, particularly if this feeling is produced in you firstly from their envy of you. This includes avoiding thinking about them. If we associate with envious people we're likely to have to deal with these feelings in ourselves sooner or later. We need to deal with these feelings by being truthful with ourselves.

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